StyleBlazer Exclusive: Dawn Richard Talks New 'Goldenheart' Album, Being Fearless In Music & Fashion

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Dawn Richard Talks New ‘Goldenheart’ Album, Being Fearless In Music & Fashion

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It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally the break of Dawn. From her early days as a breakout star in Danity Kane to her recent futuristic stint in Diddy Dirty Money, recording artist Dawn Richard has always been in an ensemble cast. Now the talented singer-songwriter strikes out on her own with her latest album, Goldenheart out today. We recently caught up with Dawn to talk about her new project, her style evolution and the bold women who inspired her to go fearless in music and fashion. And yes, she even spilled the tea on her love life.

StyleBlazer: Your new style is very golden goddess and Roman themed. What influenced you to go that direction with your style?
Dawn Richard: “I really wanted the Joan of Arc style. It’s this knight in shining armor meets chic look and it’s a theme. It’s kind of like this battle and I wanted the fashion to exude that.”

SB: The music on Goldenheart is very aggressive. What was your mindset when you were recording?
DR: “I wanted it to be cohesive and  to be a story. Honestly going into it, I really wanted us to establish our own lane. I felt like this album would be the one where people really realize that there’s no comparison to anything. It sits on its own plateau, and I think when you listen to it, you realize it’s kind of like reading a book. You feel like it’s an experience, and less like an album and more like a journey.”

SB: What was it like in the studio this time around, creating an album that’s 100% Dawn?
DR: “It’s exciting. It’s nervewracking. It’s ridiculous. It’s fantastic. It’s all those things that come with really striking out on your own. I’m no longer part of a label, I’m independent now. And I’m really excited how people have received me. Especially coming after two different groups, people really don’t give you a chance after you’ve done so many different things. Not only have they given us a chance but they let me tell my story the way I want to tell it. And it’s not the conventional story that people are used to, but I think that’s what makes it dope. And I think that’s kind of what my story has always been. It’s kind of been on my own rhythm, on my own drum. And it’s been successful thus far.”

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Dawn has come along way since her Danity Kane days. Keep reading for more on her style evolution.

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