Celebrities with Substance Abuse Issues

Notorious Celebrity Substance Abuse Issues: Some of Them Have Kicked The Habit, Others Will Never Have The Chance

Oh, the life of a celebrity. Most of us would kill to party wherever we want, treat ourselves to the most quality of products, and feel like nothing is unattainable for us. But what happens when your life becomes consumed with more than you had bargained for? Many celebrities, young or old, veterans or rookies, high profile or D-listers can become consumed with what can be a very deadly distraction: drugs. While some of them do indeed overcome the pressures of being an addict, others are not so lucky. Check out which celebrities are or were once struggling with substance abuse issues.

Whitney Houston


The famed songstress, actress, and all around musical icon Whitney Houston seemed to have it all, and while her winter 2012 death came as a shock to nearly all of her fans, most were not surprised when the final coroner’s report hinted at the idea that drugs were involved in her death.  Whitney’s struggle with drugs, presumably coke, has never been a secret / Whitney Houston died February 11,2012 with a final toxicology report finding coke, Flexeril (a muscle relaxer), Xanax,  marijuana,  and Benadryl in her system.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan WENN


Lindsey Lohan’s constant run- in’s with the law have often led to both eye rolling and concern. Lohan’s involvement with drugs has landed her in 5 rehab facilities, serving 250 days in various centers since her first arrest 6 years ago. Lohan has also appeared in court 20 times before 4 different judges, all of whom have found her  in violation of her probation and sentencing her to a total of 6 months in jail. Lohan has yet to prove that she’s serious about getting back on track and changing her ways.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi WENN


Kid Cudi, known for his weed- smoking anthems, has decided that he “will leave the drugs to the kids.” The Lonely Stoner (one of his stage names) has decided that he no longer wants to smoke weed in efforts to focus on his business and career. Rumor has it though, that Kudi is quitting more than his excessive marijuana use, but his addiction to coke as well. Kudi says, “I started doing coke to get through interviews…I wasn’t always ready for the 60 minute interviews,” he confesses. It seems the Kid has been doing quite well, landing a new cover on Complex magazine, and getting a tattoo on both his wrist in recognition of his sobriety.

Bobby BrownBobby Brown WENNPHOTO:WENN

Bobby Brown may have been on top in one era of his life, but those who have followed his life, career, and tumultuous relationship with ex-wife Houston know that he has been in what seems to be a downward spiral for quite a while. Many blamed Bobby for his superstar wife’s public struggle with drugs claiming that he not only introduced her to them but also drove her addiction to it. The singer has done multiple interviews disputing this claim and announcing that Whitney introduced him. Regardless,Brown has had his own issues with drug abuse since the 90’s, being found using coke and crack many times.

Joe BuddenJoe Budden WENNPHOTO:WENN

The new star of the VH1 series, Love And Hip Hop: New York, has admitted that he has relapsed from 14 years of sobriety in only the second episode. Sad but true. The rapper turned reality television star has been fighting with his addiction to drugs since his early teenage years, after dropping out of high school and feeling uncomfortable in any formal education setting. “My teenage years were spent in rehabs and pyschiatric institutions,” Joe has been quoted as saying.

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell WENN


Yes, although supermodels are beautiful and successful, they also face tremendous pressure to fit in and have continued success. Naomi Campbell is no exception, openly admitting that she had abused drugs in the past.

Amy Winehouse


The raspy yet soulful voice of Amy Winehouse is indeed remembered after her summer 2011 death came to shock to fans all over the world. Winehouse was always quite troubled, however, and with drugs playing a major part in her lifestyle choices and often distracting her from career goals. Winehouse was found in her North London home July 23, 2011 dead from an overdose. The 27- year- old Grammy award winning singer was a self admitted heroin user, with several attempts to get clean through various rehabilitation programs.

Anna Nicole Smith


Remembered for her larger than life personality, charming smile, and voluptuous curves Anna Nicole’s bright spirit may not have been as light hearted as she puts on! Although the curvy model died February 8, 2007 of an “accidental drug overdose,” those closest to Anna Nicole said that she was always fond of prescription drugs and tended to use them with alcohol.

Marilyn Monroe


The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, still an icon to this very day with pictures, replicated posters and drawn photos reminding us of her amazing beauty, was a troubled soul. The blonde beauty faced a lot of secrets that many fans would never know about; one of them being substance abuse. Known for her unreliability during her time on movie sets and difficulty to work with, many knew that drug usage played a part in that. Monroe was found dead August 5, 1962 by a housekeeper, coroners ruled her death was caused by an overdose of barbiturates.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie may be the one person you want to be when you grow up, but she too faces real life problems like the rest of us, one of them being her lifelong battle with drugs and alcohol. In one of her more recent interviews with 60 minutes, Jolie told her interviewer, “I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them. I didn’t die young, so I’m very lucky. There are other artists and people who didn’t survive certain things,” hinting toward her drug addiction. Franklin Meyers, Jolie’s self-proclaimed drug dealer tells sources, “Jolie would buy coke and heroin from me twice a week even using the drugs in public. She was 21 years old when we met and was a regular customer for years.” Jolie has been sober now for quite some time, with no hopes of turning backwards.


Fergie WENN


Fergie used her relationship with God to fix her out of control addiction to crystal meth. An addiction that stemmed from her teenage love for ecstasy. The pop diva’s addiction was so bad that it continually made her paranoid, with her fearing that her every move was being tracked by SWAT and FBI teams. Fergie told sources, after making a plea to god that if she walked into church and their were no SWAT or FBI investigators, she would know that it was drugs and immediately stop, and that she did. Fergie decided to change her life, and make sobriety her focus.

Nicole Richie


This mother and fashion entrepreneur has been sober for many years now, but life was not always so simple for this once party girl! Richie’s easy access to money led to a early lifestyle of drug usage, causing her to start using coke at just 18 years old. Nicole did indeed try to kick her coke addiction, but by the age of 20 Richie was already fighting an addiction to heroin. Though many blamed Richie’s relationship with her dad as a reason she sought drugs, the once reality star says she doesn’t blame her father for any mistakes she’s made in her life.

Mike Tyson


It is definitely no secret that Mike Tyson has struggled with drugs for most of his adult life, even giving interviews of his horrific encounters with coke and heroin. It seemed Tyson had even embraced his addiction, doing quite a few interviews in which he glorified his choice of drug usage.

Chaka Khan


Many couldn’t tell from her powerhouse voice, that this soul filled mogul ever touched drugs, but sometimes eyes and even ears, are deceiving. Chaka Khan snorted heroin and even did coke for ten years, but says she never injected any drugs after seeing track marks on the arm of her mentor Etta James.



From celebrity rehab shows, being in and out of prison, and losing relationships both personal and business, DMX has had a very public fight with drugs and alcohol, one that seems to be continually winning. The rap star has very openly admitted to taking drugs as a means for escaping life troubles, often showing up  to events and interviews obviously under the influence. Latest sources say that DMX has recently gone back to smoke crack, having been spotted out at various restaurants and venues looking disoriented and even twitching.

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