Love Knows No Age Limits: 15 Celebrity Couples Who Are More Than Ten Years Apart In Age

Love knows no boundaries and that includes age. Although there are many couples with extreme age differences, others have a bit more subtle age difference. Here, we compiled a list of celebrities who have more than ten years between them. Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Jay-Z Beyonce Barclays Center Getty Images PF

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Beyonce is 31 and Jay-Z is 43 Age Difference: 12 years
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green  pf

Photo: WENN

Megan Fox is 26 and Brian Austin Green is 39 Age Difference: 13 years
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt pf

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Angelina Jolie is 37 and Brad Pitt is 49 Age Difference: 12 years 

ryan reynolds blake lively pf wenn

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  Ryan Reynolds 36, Blake Lively 25 Age Difference: 11 years 

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Mariah Carey is 42, Nick Cannon is 32 Age Difference: 10 Years
nene gregg pf wenn

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  Nene is 45, Gregg Leakes is ___ Age Difference: 13 years at least

julianne moore pf wennPhoto: WENN

Julianne Moore is 52 and Bart Freundlich just turned 42 Age Difference: 10 years

geena davis wenn pf

Photo: WENN

Geena Davis  is 56 and Dr. Reza Jarrahy Reza is 41 Age Difference: 15 years

Cassie & Diddy Halloweem

Cassie is 26 and Diddy is 43 Age Difference: 17 years

Heidi Klum and Seal WENN pf

Photo Credit: WENN

Seal is 49 and Heidi Klum is 39 Age Difference: 10 Years
hugh jackman pf wenn

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Hugh Jackman is 44 and wife Deborra is 57 Age Difference: 13 years

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Matthew McConaughey is 43 and Camila Alves is nearly 31 Age Difference: 12 years
joebuddenandgirl Rapper Joe Budden is 32 and Kaylin is 20 Age Difference: 12 years
portia ellen wenn pf Ellen DeGeneres is 52 and Portia  de Rossi is 39 Age Difference: 13 years

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