Paying Homage To The Princess of R&B Aaliyah (Stars Who Jock Her Tomboy Style)

Paying Homage To The Princess of R&B Aaliyah (Stars Who Jock Her Tomboy Style)


Today we are rockin’ out to dozens of Aaliyah tracks in honor of her 34th birthday. Since her tragic death 11 years ago, the music industry has mourned the passing of the “Princess of R&B.” And today we’re celebrating her music, spirit and personal style. In the ’90s, hip-hop and R&B artists exuded sex appeal or a more laid-back tomboy style. Aaliyah embraced the latter, and rocked loose fitted jeans, Tommy Hilfiger boxers, belly baring tops, dark shades and her signature side swept bang and straight hair.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and over the years entertainers have tried to emulate Aaliyah’s style.

Click through to see entertainers who have jocked Aaliyah’s tomboy style.

718454660Photo: Courtesy of Hayden Williams



Teyana Taylor

IMG_3609Photo: Instagram (@TeyanaTaylor)

Sessilee Lopez

sessilee-lopez-channels-aaliyah-8Photo: The Block

Keshia Chante


 Lil’ Mama


Angel Haze


Kim Kardashian




Phlo Finister




Which entertainers channels Aaliyah’s style the best?



  • Truth

    I love Aaliyah. But she wasn’t the only person dressing like these. All the 90’s divas did… From MJB to TLC and SWV

    • ablain

      I agree with your sentiments.. I love Aaliyah too. Not to take anything credit or anything else from others, but Aaliyah made that look outstanding, something special.

    • Tammi

      But none of them looked as good or attractive as Aaliyah doin’ it. So stop it….

  • mjiyah

    happy b-day aaliyah…

  • KAPs1231

    Such a beauty Aaliyah was. I’m sorry but NONE of these chicks at the moment should be compared if ever in my opinion. Continue to rest in Peace & Happy B-Day.

  • Getem1984

    No one and I mean no one could pull it off like Aaliyah. She was truly a One in Million.

  • micheossuh …

    I remember the night we found out Aaliyah passed. It was the holidays, so a lot
    of people were with their families, which made it all even more intense. I believe that some black female artists of today, and I won’t mention any names, would not have achieved the success they have, had Aaliyah still been with us. If she were alive today, there is no doubt her career would still be going strong.

    • fran

      what holidays where happening on august 25th?

    • realtalk1

      What are u talkin bout holidays go have several seats u is no true aaliyah fan

  • micheossuh …

    I give up. I have no idea what it is about my 2nd post that they have to moderate. I apologize, if it does ever appear, it will do so about 5 times.

  • micheossuh …

    Maybe I’ll try tomorrow. I really wanted to share. Happy Birthday Aaliyah!

  • tracy

    Happy Birthday Aaliyah! You will always be ‘one in a million. Rest In peace baby-girl.

  • realtalk

    No comparison who are these chicks!??and teyana taylor eeewwww

  • Leecey

    What is Kim Kardashian doing on this list?? And ive neved heard of some of these girls on this list.. Only people I think that can rock this tomboy swag to death is aaliyah of course and ciara

  • Ajua

    Not A One….

  • Audrey

    I see a list of unknown people, You forgot to mention RIHANNA. Thanks

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