Real Or Real Weave?: Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Straightened Hair

Real Or Real Weave?: Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Straightened Hair (And We’re Stumped)

Taraji Henson hair Photo: Instagram

Celebs in Hollywood– especially women– wear a plethora of wigs, weaves and extensions to their hair. So when their natural hair is out, we’re not sure how real it is.

Taraji P. Henson Instagrammed a photo of her hair just after being blown out before the Golden Globes. Fans have seen the actress is short bobs and cropped cuts, so it was a bit of a surprise to see the long length. She commented with, “Peekaboo!!!! This is a lot of hair @danteblandeshaw!!!!! Now gotta straightened it ALL!!!”

We’re on the fence, because while her roots and ends suggest this may be her real hair, the long length has never been seen on the actress.


What do you guys think?


-Danielle Kwateng

  • monica miller

    Who cares….its hair

  • AP

    Right its just hair… but if you look at her hair closely you can see that its much straighter from the roots to midway then its kinky hair mid way to pass her shoulders which are extensions. From the weave detector!! lol!

    • Datondra

      I totally agree, you can see her hair is relatively strait, while the longer hair is very kinky. Btw, receive her comment, she says this is a lot of hair, no I have a lot of hair.

    • mik bailey

      Stevie Wonder can see that; she’s always worn a bob, so how can her hair grow that long and thick so quick!!

      • kb

        It looks like that is her hair on top, but the bottom is not. Either way it looks fabulous!

  • nan14

    it’s her real hair. Don’t even know why this is an issue.People still think we black women can’t have long hair

    • Hattie Scott

      nan14, I just thought the same thing. my daughter stopped perming her hair and her hair continues to grow tremendously and she stated she will never put perm in my grandchild’s hair, because it is just like hers, thick and kinky. Sometimes she wears her curls and sometimes she get it blown out, sometimes braids, sometimes weaves and in a pitch will don a wig or two. Our hair is as versatile as the next woman’s, as long as we treat it as good as we treat “our men” nature takes care of it with us.

    • evr

      Had long hair all my life, and I do my own relaxer every 6 weeks like many people, and I have never wrapped my hair a day in my life. I love getting rained on and I love swimming and taking long showers and I never try to run and cover my hair ever, no matter what the situation. I don’t do shower caps, etc etc. My black friends and family members all have their own unique hair and nobody has the same care routine or needs. @Hattie Scott – I don’t even treat my hair good at all! I rake through it, heat style it daily, put nothing on it, and it’s been good to me all my life. My point is that we’re so diverse, we don’t all need to also “treat the hair well” for it to look nice. It’s just random genetics we all have, just like some people have nice skin even though they never do anything to take care of it. Anyway, like you, I’m sick of hearing black women make comments about someone’s hair, real or not, because all it does is remind us all of the uncomfortable underlying jealousy and division that whites instilled in our community so long ago. Why can’t we just see a woman and say “she looks nice” instead of saying, is her hair real? She doesn’t wrap her hair?! No way?! You don’t use such and such grease? You must be lying! Women literally look great with ALL types of hair styles/cuts/textures/colors etc, real or “enhanced”. Same goes for how we wear makeup, nail polish, push up bras, spray tans, spanx, etc, and even plastic surgery. Even men these days are doing more cosmetic stuff. Why do we need to look at a woman and “come to terms” with her hair being real or not? Think about that. What is that really about? Stop the pain. Let it go. And accept the fact that we are all UNIQUE, and stop projecting your hair issues onto other women passing these ideas onto your kids. SMH. I guess I can’t be surprised because I’ve seen people do the same thing when they look at me, or my sister, or my cousin, or like 20 of my friends, all who have different types of hair that happens to be “long” and have never even seen a weave or extensions installed in real life beyond youtube videos. Same thing with eye color, people always want to ask that one blue-eyed black person “are your eyes real?” — come on, just stop it. Let people just be. We’re all beautiful, and that’s real. We all need to find a way to truly own that individual beauty, instead of being in some sort of subconscious game where it’s all about sizing up the next person’s hair (or eyes, or body, or ethnic background). Won’t be returning to this site ever again. Tired of seeing headlines that stir the pot. It’s 2013 and it feels like we barely got past the olden days.

    • Camryn

      Exactly, Nan… ridiculous… all black women aren’t fat, stupid and bald… get with it!

    • No it’s an issue people ppl are wearing weaves to make it look like they have long natural African hair. These are the same types of people who promote lies on Youtube, trying to sell hair growth products and using there false locs to get customers and believers. So understand this IS a issue for a reason.

      The other groupd of women doing this are embracing more of the length than the African texture. which is ok b.c it’s not all about embracing who u are all the time. but it give false hope to those trying to grow their hair, b.c the hair they r looking at is a lie.

  • fool of a tooke!

    WEAVE. We’ve never seen her with this thickness or length. Why would she hide it all the time?? All you have to do is google her and see her natural hair is thin and barely shoulder length. Sad that she would lie like that…

    • chozen

      How do you even know she’s lying? I wear weaves; short styles, long styles. ..whatever I like and my hair underneath looks just like that. Weaves protect your natural hair if you braid most of it up and leave very little out. Go to YouTube and search “weaves to grow your hair”. Educate yourselves.

      • yata

        lol…everybody don’t know weave evolution…nobody wearing glued in tracks anymore you can get a sew-in no matter the length

      • Hattie Scott

        thanks chozen, we are still such an ignorant people, debating and claiming another women is weaving…but that other woman has credentials that far surpasses anyone on this post…Wikipedia, please

  • Memedawn

    It’s hers. You can tell by the ends and the splits. Weaves are designed to look perfect with lack of breakage and split ends. Her hair is also thinner at the root, but frizzes up at the ends. Her hair is just like mine after a blowout.

    • mik bailey

      Look again; you can clearly see the distinction in color and grade.


        ummm, if you tend to flat iron your hair…it will change the texture and the sun can change the color of it as well. Therefore; if she wears weaves or a regular bases and flat irons her hair that is left out IT WILL LOOK DIFFERENT. My hair is much straighter after years of flat ironing in the front while the remainder of my hair is braided underneath either a wig or weave.

    • cheap and typical weaves are designed to look perfect. This is human hair whether it’s hers or not idk. there Is hair out there that is designed to look imperfect. We see this in movies mostly.

  • Alopecia Ann

    I have chronic alopecia so any amount of hair looks good to me!

    • Monique B

      I’m going through that right now. balding at the top, losing it so fast.

  • lisa22

    I think its weave. If you look at the top of her hair some strands are straighter, and underneath the rest is frizzy. You can barely tell, but since i’m a hairdressor..i know! But, hey who cares anyway!

  • Looks like its all hers to me! She was on Wendy Williams last week and its beautful, thick and just gorgeous.

  • mik bailey


  • Sandy Shore

    Who cares….it still doesn’t anything away from her being a Beautiful Black Woman!

  • CeCe

    I think I don’t really give a damn.

  • Creolegal28

    Women with no hair will always hate on women with long hair… Been that way all my life, people see it coming out of my head and still swear its weave!!

    • I’m trying to find hate in this article. i see none.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Her hair was long in the movie Baby Boy

  • stylist

    Weave! her hair is straight on top of the weave under neath, there are clearly two different wave patterns

    • aw7592

      Well I don’t know r care if its weave r not but I have curly hair and im sure I have at least 3wave/curl patterns and a patch of almost straight hair.

  • CaliDreams


  • me

    its all hers, i cannot believe some people think black people can’t grow long hair. its just more fragile hence the weaves but you can tell thats all her.

  • Of course you’ve never seen it BECAUSE SHE WEARS WEAVE! smh this is NOT news.

  • folamix

    Not quite sure but we black folks have many different hair textures on our head so that could account for the straighter section. Also looks like she is in need of a good trim.

  • HattieMilesDaughter

    Really? A topic? Do they write articles like this or put their detective skills to use about Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Jude Law, or Matthew McConaughey? #conditioned #hiddencolors

  • Bridget Lee

    Can someone TELL me why it matters either way???? Black people are stuck on stupid about the wrong damn things.

  • stylezbytam

    I am a master cosmetologist and I specialize in extensions/weaves. My hair is just like this! my hair is straight where I normally leave out a section to cover the tracks. The hair that is left out has been pressed so much it changed the curl pattern on the natural hair and now the hair refuses to have any type of curl anymore in that area. I allowed someone to press my hair that was left out and their flat iron was way too high and it totally stripped my curl pattern and caused breakage. I’ve had to refrain from parting my hair on that side and stop pressing it.

    • stylezbytam

      I believe it is her hair.

  • Tell em why you mad son!

    My hair is loc’d and reaches past the middle of my back…I realized a long time ago my hair has grown faster and been very healthy when worn naturally. All of the chemicals, and perming is damaging to not only your hair but to your health!

  • Ms Force

    It is not her hair you can clearing see two different textures, as well as her comment “this is a lot of hair now gotta straighten it all”

    • guest

      It could be her real hair. I think it is. I personally have 3 different grades of hair (top, middle, very back) where they are not totally different but a stylist can certainly tell the difference….it’s frustrating at times to say the least b/c it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t either take out the middle but it will make the front and back grow long. Everyone’s hair is very different.

  • Yara

    this is her hair..there’s a better pic of this..and it’s her hair..what if a woman wear wigs, extensions and the such means she can’t have any real hair or a natural..?

  • Kara

    All of the people that are saying her hair is fake are obviously not black or know nothing about black hair. Black hair can come in several different textures. Since I’ve become natural I’ve noticed that my hair has 3 different textures. Plus when you wear a wig or a weave you see little to none of the person’s actual hair. Which would explain her bob look.

  • Wanda Simpson

    My grandaughters hair is 18″ long and people are always coming up to her and running their hands through her hair to see if it is real. and she is not so called mixed race. some of us just have naturally long hair.

  • Miko Blouin

    Of course that’s her real hair…why is she even being questioned. Majority of celebs have naturally long hair just wear weave because it keeps all of the chemicals and heat off their hair.

  • tracy


  • sara

    Don’t know if this is her own hair but on her show, “person of Interest”, she has a weave.

  • TheMsmother

    Anybody in their right mind can see that is real hair. Hatin’ @$$ baldies.

  • SGKM

    Looks real to me.

  • Nicole Minor


  • kikimac

    natural hair (as hers is) will always grow longer thicker and faster. If u cant see that’s real hair (the shagginess alone!) then something’s wrong!