5 Things You Need For Nichole Galicia's Laid Edges & Lush Tresses

5 Things You Need For Nichole Galicia’s Laid Edges & Lush Tresses

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Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN


 2. Corioliss K2 Vapour Infusion Iron

This wonder tool gets the hair amazingly smooth and also contains a vapor system which infuses argan oil into the hair as you press, leaving the hair shiny and full of life.

  • Lala

    Her hair looks like most women in Hollywood: fake and nothing special.

    • Me

      Yeah that’s a full weave ..u can tell by the side part…must be a slow news day

  • Ninny

    Ummmmm she has no edges in this first pic so I’m lost.

  • MM82

    I see nothing wrong with her hair. Looks like she paid good money for it and its well done.

  • pat

    She is Panamanian. That is her hair.

  • MsNoire

    Dont get it… she doesnt even have a part