One is the Loneliest Number: 15 Failed Attempts To Start Solo Music Careers

  • CriticXtreme

    You have to have talent, the machine behind you and the [mist].
    Sometimes you have to go to another country and start from there.

    • cheekee baby

      Not true. Britney has no talent and no personality and hardly any looks. She does have a damn good team/handlers who carefully coordinate, orchestrate, and auto-tune the hell out of everything she does.

  • NYC Gal

    Just goes to show some low self-esteem black folks that not because you’re white or light that you will automatically make it in the music industry. These are some examples!!



  • 5th Beatle

    Makes no sense to put one of The Beatles on this list because somebody had to be the least successful solo out of the four of them.

  • matts2

    Ringo has had 16 solo studio albums, 10 live albums, and the first hit post-Beatles song. I think that would be a damn impressive career on its own.

    • Jon

      Completely agree. It’s possible that the author of this article is too young or just not knowledgeable with Ringo’s work. Putting him in this list is ridiculous.

  • maddie

    Saying Nsync was the BEST BOYBAND is a matter of opinion.

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