Conflict Of Interest (C.O.I.) Parody Fashion Tees Are Back In Time For Fashion Month!

If you haven’t already heard the buzz on New York City’s brand Conflict of Interest also known as C.O.I., we’re here to let you in on the excitement. According to’s Stylefile blog, C.O.I. was founded by none other than those who work in the industry, but wish to remain anonymous for now since the brand, which features three t-shirts mimicking fashion houses Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Givenchy, is a conflict of interest to their day jobs. How ironic?

The indie brand launched back in September right around fashion week, and it was style icon Shiona Turini from CR Fashion Book that was photographed by the great Tommy Ton wearing C.O.I.’s Ballinciaga tee during the London Fashion Week Spring 2013 shows. The brand has been popping ever since and is back with new designs, pictured below.



Check out a few fashion IT girls rocking the C.O.I tees.


BallinciagaPhoto credit:

Shiona wearing C.O.I.’s “Ballinciaga” tee during London Fashion Week.

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