The Natural Vs Relaxed Hair Debate

Is there a war going on between Natural and Relaxed Hair Wearers?

Last week, we asked you about the obsession that black women seem to have with weaves and now we ask you, does it seem like there’s a war going on between relaxed and natural hair wearers? Women with natural hair boast a certain pride of accepting their natural kinks and coils with its diversity of styling, and women with relaxed hair are loyal to their “creamy crack” and regular visits to the Dominican salons. Women who have relaxed hair usually have a belief that women with natural hair are afro-centric, free-spirited, or simply have “good hair” and the women with natural hair may feel if relaxing your hair is toxic, subjective to European’s standard of beauty, and/or a lazy way to keep your hair styled.

Styleblazers we ask you, does there seem to be a war going on between relaxed and natural hair wearers? There’s definitely a misconception on both ends!

Tunisia Z. Wilson

  • happyhoodrat

    oh…..if i could get back every dollar i spent frying my scalp…i could buy…..jeter's manse. ok-that's a slight exaggeration.

  • Not today

    The only reason why I stopped relaxing my hair close to 3 years ago is because it was falling out (it could have been related to pre-menopausal symptoms but I had to do something.) and I couldn't deall with looking like a snatched out scarecrow. Now, whenever I want to wear my hair straight I just flat iron it and call it a day. I love the relaxed look of hair and I also love the look of the natural hair. It is a personal preference and no one should have to be criticized for their personal choice. The flexibility of changing our hair is part of what makes us beautiful and extremely unique.