StyleBlazer How-To: Infuse Brights Into Your Wardrobe For $3.80

StyleBlazer How-To: Infuse Brights Into Your Wardrobe For $3.80!

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Bright colors made a big splash on the spring 2013 runways. With designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Rachel Roy, and J. Crew incorporating them into their lines, now is the perfect time to master the art of color just before spring. Wearing lively hues isn’t for the fashion faint of heart. Bright colors are an instant pick me up for your wardrobe and, if worn correctly, look fresh and chic. Many shy away from wearing colorful clothing in fear of drawing too much attention to their bodies and looking clownish. Not to worry, with these few helpful hints, you’ll be a pro in no time.


DO: Wear Complimentary Colors


A great trick is to wear hues that are opposite the color of your skin’s undertone. (Use the color wheel above as a guide.) For instance if you have a lot of red in your skin, try wearing shades of green and blue. This will cause your clothing to truly POP against your complexion. Wearing a shade that is too close to your complexion will wash you out.


DON’T: Wear This Look Head-To-Toe If You’re Experimenting


If your aren’t used to wearing bright colors and are notorious for wearing darks, don’t go overboard and sport a yellow jumpsuit from head to toe. Odds are you will feel completely uncomfortable and won’t be staying true to who you are. Instead, opt for incorporating a simple colorful accessory into your outfit and add more into your wardrobe the more comfortable you become.



 DO: Pair A Bright Color With A Neutral Shade


Electro Pop Dress

One clever way to add color into your wardrobe is by pairing it with a neutral shade or pale pastel. It settles the shock value a bit and makes brights, especially neon colors, a little easier for the eye to digest. This Electro Pop dress by Three Floor is a great example of how to smartly marry a bright color and neutral shade.

DON’T: Invest Until You Are Sure

Forever 21

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Faux Patent Leather Waist Belt

No matter what you’re experimenting with, no one look should be taken too seriously. There will be a hundred new fashion ideas to replace the one you are currently trying. With that being said, play around! Go snag a cheaper version of the season’s IT color from a trend-friendly, reasonably priced retailer like H&M, ZARA, or Forever 21. This adorable belt from Forever 21 is only $3.80!


How do you do bright colors?


 -Kori C. Fields