Hollywood's 15 Douchiest Celebs!

You’re So Vain, You Probably Didn’t Know You Were a Jerk: Hollywood’s 15 Most Infamous Celebs!

The public expects celebrities to smile, nod, and be nice but the truth is we’re all human and some celebs just aren’t cut from that cloth. Some celebs are just naturally rude, temperamental, ego-maniacal, condescending, stuck-up schmucks that make us want to give them one across the face. We may enjoy their work but their attitudes and personalities leave much to be desired.

Peruse our list of Hollywood’s 15 douchiest celebs!

John Mayer


John Mayer must have some serious self-loathing issues. The only way he can make himself feel better is to slore around Hollywood with as many hot celebrity women as possible, pretend he actually likes them, and say arrogant and condescending things to lord his intelligence over them and everyone else. He is a beautiful musician, though. If only he could just play and not speak.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher PF WENN

Photo: WENN

Arrogant, self-important, reported cheater, these are words that come to mind when describing Ashton. We get the impression that Ashton likes to hear himself talk, which is too bad for him because when you have a big mouth, dumb stuff comes out.

 Kanye West


Ye obviously thinks he’s the best rapper to ever grace the hip-hop game. Actually, he thinks he’s the greatest musician to grace the music industry, which is funny because he’s not. Beyond that, anybody who jumps up on stage during someone else’s award show acceptance speech to tell them that someone better should have won, wins the award for douche of the decade.

Charlie Sheen

FOX All-Star Party - Inside

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Threatens his wives, has Adult Videos stars in his kitchen, says things like “bi-winning.” Need we say more?

Chevy Chase

wildlife federation 160611

Photo: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

Despite not appearing in anything of relevance in 20 years, Chevy Chase  thought it not douche-baggery to insult the show that has given him an ounce of prominence in years, Community. The comedian has made it a point to say publicly that he didn’t think the show was funny, hated his character, and thinks sitcoms are the lowest form of television. Plus, there are several angry voicemails that he left to the creator of the show, Dan Harmon, that have been leaked to the media.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer PF WENN

Photo: WENN

The once great Val Kilmer has made a reputation of being a set diva, arguing with and alienating himself from directors and co-stars.

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer WENN pf

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com

In his very short career Alex Pettyfer has gained quite the reputation for being an excessive diva, douche, stalker, psycho, rage-maniac. There have been numerous reports by US Weekly that the British Beastly star shows up to gigs and promotions late, yells at those around him who don’t agree with him or give him what he wants, and somehow thinks he has the clout of Brad Pitt though he’s only made like 3 movies. Whether or not this is true is another story, but, boy, has this word gotten around.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin PF WENN

Photo: WENN

Alec has been known for his obstinate behavior on airplanes and his temper, temper, temper. He also apparently doesn’t like to be approached by fans for photos or autographs.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher WENN pf

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com

Maher has a history of being a misogynistic douche who thinks he’s the smartest gem on the planet.

Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones WENN pf

Photo: WENN

The Two and Half Men star decided it was a good idea to diss the show that made him the highest paid child actor on television (paying him $350,000 per episode) by calling it “filth” and encouraging viewers NOT to watch it. He might not otherwise be a doucebag but that was definitely a douche move.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods WENN pf

Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Cheats on wife of seven years with a bunch of wife clones: douche.

Wilmer Valderama

wilmer valderrama WENN pf

Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Wilmer sure gets around…with the much MUCH younger white female celebs. He just looks so pervy  it’s hard to imagine what these girls are so taken with. The 32 year-old actor’s current on-again off-again prey flame is 19 year-old Demi Lovato.

Shia Labeouf

"The Company You Keep" Premiere - 69th Venice Film Festival

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Shia comes off in interviews as a nonchalant jerk who has no regard for the things he says.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl PF WENN

Photo: WENN

Bet you didn’t think women could be douches too, did you? Well, think again. Katherine Heigl has made herself a sort of leper in Hollywood by showing herself to be ungrateful for all the opportunities that have made her such a success. Not only does she come off as a stuck up prude but she has publicly downed Grey’s Anatomy and knocked Knocked Up, both of which launched her star into the A-list stratosphere.

Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson

Chad Johnson WENN pf

Photo: Patricia Schlein/ WENN.com

If legally changing your last name from “Johnson” to “OchoCinco” so you can actually have that printed on the back of your football jersey doesn’t say douchenozzle, we don’t know what does. Oh, and headbutting your wife, yeah, that too.

  • Preach

    I think you forgot Chris “Beat Her Down” Brown and Carmelo “Male-Ho” Anthony

  • t$

    Sad to hear shia and val the rest don’t suprise me especially Katherine heigl she seems like a total b*tch!

  • Keisha Samoht

    that Chevy Chase and Val Kilmer threw me, i wasnt expecting to see them on here… the rest wasnt surprising…

  • sepia865

    Eddie Murphy should’ve made the list.

  • Robert DeLaurence

    What happened to Vilma’s neck. Damn.

  • Sagittarius81

    Where’s Bill O’Reilly?

    • Not a douche. Just because you don’t like the truth he’s saying, doesn’t mean he’s a douche. Liberal douche.

      • Icarus Melin

        yes it does, when someone can have a freakout over the teleprompter not working, and frequently yells and argues with his guests for the sake of looking smarter than everyone else. he fits the same category as bill maher. truth has nothing to do with it. it has less to do what what you’re saying, and more with how you say it, douche.

        • Wesley Long

          I would have to agree. Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly are opposite sides of the same coin: Two men educated far beyond their respective intelligence, and neither nowhere near as bright as they believe themselves to be.

          • Shannon Lee Gilstad

            You are right. The only reason Maher gets a pass is that he’s a liberal.

      • Heather

        Where did she suggest it had anything to do with the content of his words?! It’s because of his behavior…you know, like the rest of this list. Idiot douche.

    • Sophy Huck

      You called it!

  • Britt

    Chevy Chase does NOT belong on the list. His complaint is that he doesn’t feel comfortable with some of the hateful lines he is given. The exact opposite of a douche!

    • thefisherman

      right exactly I read all his quotes and about his views and I really didn’t think he had anything to apologize for. I respected him for making a stand. this writer or whatever you call him doesn’t really know what he’s talking about with regard to his statements

  • I don’t much like anyone on this list but at the same time, I’d love the blog poster to put their life on blast so we could add them to the list.

  • I do not think that John Mayer is a beautiful musician. He sounds ‘mentally challenged’ when he sings and speaks.

    • JohnMayerHayter

      Absolutely agree. I find his music boring and his covers both live and otherwise to be… of lower quality than the originals.


    • CobwebsandAshes

      Everything about him makes my skin crawl, from his voice to his smug, punchable face. He’s the worst kind of douche, because he tries to portray himself as sensitive, introspective and respectful toward women, when it’s clearly all a front to conceal his massive ego and gross, sexist tendencies. The song “Daughters” in particular makes bile rise in my throat. *shudder*

      • ekinas67@gmail.com

        Smug, punchable face.
        That’s a good one.
        Can I use that?

        • CobwebsandAshes

          Please do!

          • ekinas67@gmail.com

            Biggest dickhead by far is Ben Affleck.
            He was so rude to my sister on a business flight out of Boston’s Logan Airport that she almost cried.
            He also wears a toupee.
            I’m a local so I know these guys.
            They didn’t write Good Will Hunting.
            I am friends with the MIT janitor that they stole the idea from.
            His name is Sean Connors.

  • Dantickat

    Not sure why it matters that the much younger female celebs Wilmer Valderama gets around with are WHITE. Would that be noted here if he were white too? Just wondering.

    • Shannon Lee Gilstad

      I noticed the same thing. He seems like a player, but so do most of them named here. Oh, and note to editors: Latino is NOT a race.

    • CobwebsandAshes

      Don’t think so, as it wasn’t noted for John Mayer or any of the other douchey white dudes included on this list. There was really no need at all to throw a dash of racism into this otherwise fairly innocuous slideshow. Clearly the writer of this piece has some (not very well concealed) issues with men who are not white.

  • Why does it matter that Wilmer Valderrama dates white celebrities?? Capitalized?

  • nws103

    This is a really amateurish list. The descriptions seem to be written by 12 yr-old kid.

  • Kilmer looks like Beau Bridges these days.

  • Where’s Rush Limbaugh? Why wasn’t he also listed as a “misogynistic douche”?

    • Randall Stevens

      They’re too busy working on the entry about you. Oh wait, that’s right, you’re nobody…

      • thefisherman

        and who the hell are you exactly?

    • Shannon Lee Gilstad

      Well, everybody knows he’s a jerk. This list is about celebrities who are unknown jerks.

  • It’s somewhat fascinating to me that you, on the one hand, call some of these guys misogynists, while on the other using the term “douche” without any regard for the history/use of the word. Let’s see, let’s use a feminine hygiene product as an insult, because things that go into vaginae are icky, amirite? (Except penises, naturally.) And who cares if people are dating inter racially… Is “White” capitalized for a reason? This writer clearly has some issues.

    • Randall Stevens

      You douche.

  • Jake

    “White” celebrities? Never coming to this website again…

  • I really wonder if Ochocinco knows his name means eight five, not eighty five. Ochenta y cinco.

  • Shawn McLaughlin

    Boy…do NOT agree with Angus T Jones. That show is ridiculous and I thought it was rather heroic of him to caution kids from that piece of crap.

  • You’re list is mostly ‘spot-on’…but how Steve Carell missed an appearance is beyond me.

  • Flight815Down

    People seem to either hate Val Kilmer or love him on set. Half of the time, his coworkers say he’s a douche; the other half, they talk about how kind and considerate he is.

    • thefisherman

      y’know its just like regular people. some people can work together some cant. val seems to have that personality. doesn’t necessarily mean jerk.

  • Hrm.

    Yeah, this article is lame and racist. Go figure.

  • DC

    You missed the,worst douche ever in Hollywood
    Woody Allen

    • Heather

      And one of the creepiest given he married his step-daughter.

  • Ketrina

    Yeah Angus Jones was right though. Being honest doesn’t make you a douche.



  • John Trapp

    John Mayer a beautiful musician? Actually he’s nothing but a Stevie Ray Vaughn rip off artist. If some guy did an Elvis impersonation would you call him a “beautiful musician”?

  • Karenindixie

    Kanye definitely earned the number one spot on this one.

  • Karenindixie

    Why mention that the girls he goes out with are white? So what? As far as I know, he’s single, and he’s doing the Hollywood bachelor life right now. He may be jumping from one to another, but that doesn’t make him any different than any other guy. If that’s the criteria for being a douche, there are a whole lot of others who should be on this list.

  • Karenindixie

    I hear stuff as far back as when she was playing an alien in Roswell that she was a diva. Apparently that hasn’t changed. But, I haven’t seen her in anything lately, so maybe it’s catching up.

  • Elliot Dash

    Speaking of douches . . . . . . Pointing out that some of the women he hangs out with are too young and WHITE speaks to racism on this site . . . . .

  • DaleC

    Chevy Chase is right… Community sucked.

  • WTF?

    So what??? He can’t date white women because he’s not white?! Stupid writer!

  • Taryn Bryant

    Yes yes. A fine array of douchebaggery.

  • Bdub

    Angus T Jones is right for calling 21/2 men filth…If he doesn’t believe it then its a great reverse psychology move….”Oh, you are telling me not to watch it…you can’t tell me what to do, I want to watch that filth”.

  • Sherry t

    You forgot about Nicholas cage. Biggest douche in the universe! While working at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic city where snake eyes was filmed I personally witnessed him say to his body guard “get this a$@hole away from me. I don’t want an extra sitting near me” I used to be a fan of his until that……

  • dieter

    I can’t stand John Mayer. He is creepy, disgusting, sexist and racist.

  • Duane

    Bill Maher is openly arrogant. He surrounds himself with “yes” people.

  • frances egan

    you forgot to mention that ashton kutchner seems, and probably is, a real hic

  • frances egan

    val kilmer lookds like donald trump and rosie o’donnell’s love child

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