Federal Officials Makes A Dent In The War On Counterfeit

Federal Officials Makes A Dent In The War On Counterfeit


Throughout 2012 we’ve reported on several seizures, by the federal government, on counterfeit designer goods.  Now that the fiscal year has come to a close, WWD reports, that the U.S Customs and Border Protection and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations has found that in the 2012 fiscal year, the total seized counterfeit goods has a value of $1.26 billion.  Counterfeit handbags and wallets accounted for forty percent of the total seizure, with a value of $511.2 million.  Counterfeit watches and jewelry were responsible for fifteen percent, valued at $186.9 million.  Seizure of apparel contribute to eleven percent of the total value, while footwear represents eight percent, or $103.3 million.

Although the valued amount seized may seem astronomical, Customs and ICE reports a decrease from the previous fiscal year.  The 2011 fiscal year saw a seizure of apparel valued at $142.3 million.  The amount is only a slight decrease but a decrease nonetheless.

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