Fashion Face-Off: Phaedra Parks Vs. Kenya Moore

 KenyaMoore PhaedraParks mainPhotos: D. Salters/WENN & Patricia Schlein/ WENN

All The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know about the “donkey booty” versus “stallion booty” drama between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.

If you haven’t caught up on your episodes yet: Phaedra created a donkey booty exercise video (check out our interview with her), and now Kenya is apparently creating a stallion booty exercise video, out of spite for unpaid production fees on Parks’ video. People everywhere have been weighing in on which video they would rather watch. While the debate is still out for whose butt is better, we can face-off on their fashion sense.

Click through to see which RHOA has more style.


phaedra parks wenn3814044 wenn pfPhoto: Ivan Nikolov/WENN


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  • Tanisha00

    Kenya has the better body hands down. I think it’s wrong for phaedrea to try and keep all the money and not give Kenya anything.

  • jjac401

    Kenya is beautiful and exotic- and has a much better body! As cute as Phaedra is she has a more common look.


    If you saw Kenya on the Andy Cohen show when she did that song with those gold tight pants on she did not have a booty on there…so I would love to try out the Donkey booty video because donkey butt is a little big and well rounded. A stallion butt is bigger and kind of flat then have a little hump. So give me that big donkey booty!!

  • qweendolyn

    Phaedra does. Kenya has basically the same style just different color. From watching the program, and seeing Kenyas butt looks like something’s odd about the shape of her butt to leg action which is unattractive. I would rather have a butt like Phaedras any day verses Kenyas. If Kenyas personality was more likable I still would not want the type of butt she has.

  • Lacey Dadrey

    Kenya has a better look and body than Phaedra. Phaedra has no waistline and her thighs are too big. The name donkey booty is really stupid first of all coming from a so-called professional woman. I would not buy a video from someone who does not have a good body anymore than I would have a hairstylist with bald spots work on my hair.

  • jamie

    kenya has a great body but she should know that you don’t; do a bait and switch. she should have negotiated with phaedrea form the beginning, not after the fact. sleezy. she seems to have some emotional problems. smart but soooo damaged. phaedra on the other hand is smart and smart