Bangs Are In! Get On The FLOTUS Bandwagon & Grab The Shears (Celeb Inspiration For Cutting Bags)

Bangs Are In! Follow The New Trend Inspired By Michelle Obama

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Since emerging in the style spotlight during the 2008 Presidential election, First Lady Michelle Obama has uplifted the careers of bright designers such as Jason Wu, whose Inaugural Ball 2009 dress almost broke Twitter, and even brought pearls back in style. In celebration of her 49th birthday, the First Lady’s stylist took the shears to her hair and cut some darling, rounded bangs. News of her bangs have spanned national headlines with an outpouring of affirmation for the cut.

Bangs are definitely in season.  Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union and Freida Pinto have been spotted donning bangs lately.

Want to keep up the this year’s hottest beauty trend? Before you make an appointment, get some celeb inspiration on the perfectly tousled bang.

Gabrielle Union


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    Oh, please! Posts like this make it so obvious how stupid and gullible we are. Did you ever watch “The Wiz” where they kept announcing the color that was in and everyone had to follow the trend and wear that color (“You’ve got to be seen in Green!”). That’s how I feel when I hear people saying that bangs are in now b/c of M.O. Like, please…who gives a d*mn how she’s wearing her hair? I sure as heck don’t.