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  • Guess

    Nice try… Back to the lip synching “scandal”…lol

    • Leecey

      Lol did she really lip synch?? I watched that video over and over again trying to catch it but I cant seem to.. i dont know if its fixed online or wat

      • Guess

        She finally admitted it. Apparently, a LOT of people view her as a phony. I can’t seem to find anything authentic about her either. I’ve tried to give her the benefit of the doubt since the whole Destiny’s Child days. But, things like this; changing her album release dates to coincide with Kelly’s & LaToya Luckett’s…the stolen lyrics; copied choreography; Dianna Ross hair; crotch-hugging body suits…Gweneth N!@@er fiasco.. I just can’t

        • Guess

          And the whole deflating maybe baby bump – no pix of her during pregnancy.. She may very well have given birth to that child, but the manicured pix immediately following childbirth..the over-the-top phony dramatics with the anthem – it’s just waaay too much. SMH

          • Vee

            So true. I think she thought because karma hasn’t caught her already she has become more audacious about it. Acting like people were crazy questioning the folding preg belly, now this…. Bloody cheek. Got your number, luv

        • Leecey

          Lmao!! That fake pregnancy did it for me…

  • miriana

    Her pr and the media is doing a nice job cleaning it up

  • guest

    I don’t want nothing this fake, queen crotch Beyoncé wear nothing nothing. She deserve an Oscar for sure so dramatic

  • GoDDesli

    Why are you holding a microphone when you are not singing. Just stand there and let the music play and continue to make those off the wall expressions. How are you faking babies and now singing. GTFOOH!

    • Tee

      She DID sing over her pre recorded track.

  • hk

    Hail to the overshadowing Queen since everything she does throw more shade than clouds on national and worldwide news ! Beyonce u still the business apparently !

  • aliciasahomewrecka

    borrowed earings going from one celebrity to another.

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