Celebrity Court Cases That Have been Forgotten By The Public

14 Celebrity Court Cases They Somehow Got Us To Forget About!

Kobe Bryant WENNOftentimes we love to glorify the lifestyles of celebrities, loving their outfits, fancy possessions, and what they represent. But what about the lives they live when the paparazzi stops stalking them? Check out some of the most famous celebrity court cases, that we sometimes love to forget about!

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin WENNPHOTO:WENN

Don’t we all just love those perfect red bottoms we see prancing down the street, so different and distinguished! Well apparently, so does Christian Louboutin, designer and genius mastermind behind the, “red bottom,” and he would like to keep it that way. In September 2012, Louboutin got a court order, saying that he could enforce a trademark on his hugely popularized red bottom heels, after a bitter fight with Yves St. Laurent, who too tired to design hells with red bottoms. Think again Laurent!

O.J. Simpson


The infamous O.J. Simpson trial, although the case happened decades ago, many are still shocked, and frankly horrified at the ruling. Simpson, a once hugely successful football player, was acquitted after a lengthy trial in the June 1994 deaths of Simpson’s wife and her friend. Mishandling of DNA evidence by lab techs, and a brown leather glove that did not fit Simpson the day of the trail, was enough to get him off scott free!

Anna Nicole Smith


Anna Nicole Smith may have been the life of the party, who was never without a smile, but she always knew when to put a fight! With the death of her husband J. Howard Marshall, Smith believed she was entitled to half of  her husband’s $1.5 billion dollar estate, after an oral agreement between the two said that once she married him, half of everything was hers. Smith took to the courts when Marshall’s son refused to pay up! Judgement? Anna Nicole was given $449,000,000 dollars, although the ruling was later reduced to $88 million.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson WENNPHOTO:WENN

The beloved entertainer and man that was Michael Jackson, was great to watch on stage but it was no secret that he was fighting his own personal demons. In 2005, Michael was accused by a thirteen year old boy of sexual abuse. Arvizo claimed Jackson gave him drugs and alcohol in order to seduce him, and even held him hostage on his infamous Neverland Ranch. Jackson was indicted for four counts of m0lesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor in order to m0lest him, one count of attempted child molestation, and one count of conspiring to hold the boy hostage, all counts in which he denied. Jackson was later found not guilty of all counts, and four lesser misdemeanor counts as well.



Jay-Z may be quite the loving family man now, but in his younger days he found himself in very hot water. Jay stood accused of stabbing record executive Lance “Un” Rivera during a nightclub dispute on December 1, 1999, during which he always maintained his innocence. Mr. Carter, later took a guilty plea, and was only sentenced to 3 years probation, instead of the 15 years in jail that was originally placed on the table.

Kobe Byrant


Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant was accused of assaulting and rap*ing a 19 year old hotel employee in 2003. The young lady claimed Bryant raped her during his stay at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera. Bryant claimed the sexual encounter was consensual, and the charges were dropped when the accuser refused to show in court. She later filed a separate claim against him which was later settled out of court.

Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion rather, was one on trail for one of the most serious of offenses, murder. In September 1993, Snoop was arrested in connection with the murder of Phillip Woldermarian, a member of a rival gang who was shot and killed by Snoop’s bodyguard. After being represented by Johnnie Cochran, Dogg was later acquitted of all charges.



R.Kelly was singing the blues a few years back, with accusations of him making a child p0rnography video. After six years of dodging the court system, Kelly was finally ordered to appear in court to face 14 charges related to an alleged tape he made with a 16 year old girl. Kelly was later acquitted after his high powered defense team convinced a jury that the identity of the girl was not conclusive.

Barry Bonds


In 2003, Barry Bonds almost struck out of his outstanding baseball career, and with accusations that Bond and his athletic trainer were supplying steroids to other athletes in order to get those big wins! Bonds denied any encounters with illegal substances in court, and was later put on trial for the belief that he committed perjury in court. A mistrial was declared on the remaining three counts of perjury

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson WENNPHOTO:WENN

This case is one we would have rather not have happened and we would have loved to forget as well. Jennifer Hudson appeared in court, on behalf of her family, after finding her mother,brother, and 7 year old nephew dead in their family’s Chicago house. The songstress sat in distress even after William Balfour was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated kidnapping and possession of a stolen vehicle. Since the 2008 court case it appears Hudson has been doing a lot better, being photographed smiling in her most recent paparazzi  shots, and her unforgettable presence in numerous Weight Watchers commercials.

Martha Stewart


Doesn’t she look just so innocent and fun-loving? Well she isn’t necessarily the grandma next door! In December 2001, Stewart was tipped of to stocks. After the tip, Martha Stewart sold about $230,000 in stock, before the announcement. All would have been well, that is, if the buyer’s assistant didn’t snitch! Martha was later placed under investigation, arraigned, found guilty and sentenced on July 16, 2004 to five months in prison, five months of home confinement, and two years probation for lying about a stock sale, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.

Michael Vick


In July 2007, this American football player’s life changed, and it wasn’t for the better. Michael Vick was charged by federal authorities with felony charges of operating an unlawful interstate dog fighting venture known as “Bad Newz Kennels.” Vick was accused of financing the operation, directly participating in dog fights and executions, and personally handling thousands of dollars in related gambling activities. He later served 23 months in a federal prison.

Charlie Sheen


Good ole’ Charlie Sheen, can’t live with him, can’t love without him! Well, that may be the case for us, but when it comes to his relationship with his soon to be ex-wife things may be a bit different. Many know about Sheen’s bounce back from his seemingly crazed outburst, but many don’t know about the domestic abuse dispute that happened during this spiraling time in his life. Sheen’s wife, Brooke, claimed he held a knife to a throat and claimed to kill her. The CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” star was arrested on a Christmas Day and released after posting $8,500 bond. He later lost custody of the couple’s twin children.

Dr. Murray, Doctor of Michael Jackson


Dr. Conrad Murray, serving doctor to Michael Jackson during his time of death, was sentenced to 4 years in the death of Michael Jackson. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor found Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter, with evidence that Conrad allowed Jackson accessed to large amounts of prescription drugs and allowing him to mix these same drugs illegally. Murray is up for release in late 2013, due to good behavior.

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