Beyoncé Needs A New Hair Do! 13 Looks For The Diva To Try So She Can Retire Her Boring Blond Locks

Beyoncé Needs A New Hair Do! 13 Looks For The Diva To Try So She Can Retire Her Boring Blond Locks

There was no question that Beyonce rocked it at the Superbowl. Her voice was on point, her moves were on point and her designer outfit was on point. And although her hair looked great, I’m so sick and tired of the same blonde-brown long flowy locks she’s been rocking since 1998. Although Bey is a legend, and she’s invigorated the pop music genre with her bold and precise combination of singing and dancing, she’s not an innovator when it comes to her look. We don’t know why Mrs. Carter fears experimentation with her hair, considering that she has the ability to change her look instantly, but we want to help the diva tap into some beauty inspiration. Here are some possible new dos that Beyonce can rock in the next week or two. We hope she seriously considers our suggestions.




  • lulu

    i agree it wouldn’t kill beyonce to get a stylist or change up her look time to time. come to think of it does beyonce have her own style???

  • vr

    I wouldn’t change it to either one of those whack hairstyles.

  • cairo5

    bey will never have a short haircut, she likes it long and blonde

  • many of those styles she has tried…I didn’t realize her neck was riddled with so many moles…

    • ISIS

      Moley, moley & mole…lol.

  • NeaJ

    It must be cut & paste day over there huh? Anyway, they all look a mess.

  • Nyabingi

    If it ain broke don’t rock wack styles. Black is nice tho Deep flowing curly black locks will be gorge

  • And today would have been Trayvon Martin’s 18th birthday, but I’m sure the “brains” were too busy to notice.

    • MissRealuminatti

      It’s the birthday of a lot of black teens that died from the hands of other blacks too. RIP to ALL victims of violence. Not just the ones kill by a few whites but the ones that are killed in our backyards by US.

  • Kek

    LOL! This was a great laugh! I implore those who comment on this not to take it too seriously. With the obviously poor Photoshop job it’s clear this was meant in jest. I hope so, anyway. lol. The only style that looked like it was actually on her head was the short Rihanna do. Though, I feel Bey is a little to straight-laced and commercial for that style. She’s awesome but she’s really not very edgy. I do agree that it would be cool to see her really switch up the style, though. I think she could rock a red! Not a bold bright red like what Rihanna does but a little bit of a cherrywood/ reddish-orange like what we’ve seen Janet Jackson wear in the past.

    • toughgirl

      Beyonce couldn’t care less what you or I think. She could shave her head..and hey,wait,that’s been done before..and Miss Brittany made more $ this year than Beyonce!

  • So basically, you put Keri Hilson and Rihanna’s hair styles on Bey?

    • Nah

      i think they put queen latifahs hair too….OLOL

  • She will never change, she will maintain her (or whoever’s hair is sewn into her head) hair to appeal to “mainstream” fans.

  • If it ain’t broke no need to fix it! She looked flawless!

  • TbeeZ

    Ya’ll could of came better than that!

  • Whoever did these photos needs a photo shop lesson. AND none of those styles suits Bey, lol

  • MSSMITH1416


  • Likklebit

    What kinda whack hair styles are these? None of them are ready.

  • Rebecca

    Didnt make it through all the photos but based on what is shown, no wonder why she doesnt change her looks. Your suggestions are hideous

    • yemmy

      OMG!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. How sad that someone was jobless enough t think up this waste. Like her hairstyle is that important

  • MrsRyamond

    the very worst of Photoshop in the history of Photoshop..

  • she’s fine the way she is. everyone else is trying to rock her style. like someone else said, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”.

  • iHeartMarijuana

    This was very poorly done. But, number 1 and number 12, and most of those short Rihanna type styles looked okay. Beyonce needs to never wear bangs.

  • Acappellla

    Why would Beyonce change something that clearly works for her? lol. Silly suggestion. She rocks the weave blonde hair better than most rock their real blonde hair so I don’t think she should change it at all.

  • TFran

    lol. Which Photoshop wizard put this mess together?

  • Babydoll 70

    She would actually look nice in something other than that big Texas pageant hair.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Bey shouldn’t let the haters encouraged her to get some unflattering hair style. She would look gorgeous with a black, Kim Kardashian hairdo.

  • Yuck

    you all should be ashamed and fired for that lack luster effort. what an insult. the decline of human civilization is well under way

  • The Screams Of The “UNI-BROW”

  • Chezqah

    The styles are not cute but she does look better with black hair. The blonde hair always washes her out.

  • Sheep Please Wake Up

    Isnt she contractually obligated to keep the tired blonde wig on? Beyonce also wants to be everything but black so it makes sense why she has blonde hair.

    What is funny is people defending beyonce. Historically I can see how the masses have been fooled causing the decline of their own people, shoot, if people are so easily fooled and obsessed with dumb arse theifonce, why wouldnt they follow someone smarter like Hitler.

    We live amongst alot of blind people.

    • hot_medusa



    • hot_medusa

      2 words to describe her ((cough cough)) look:PLAIN BORING!!!

      • KH

        Beyonce needs to hang it up period! She has been a bore for years; never anything new or noteworthy. Such a tired copy cat. Have we not seen this all before?

  • mik bailey

    The first cut is beautiful and looks striking on her; of course, she would never wear that. She likes looking too much like a white woman with the blonde weaves. I’m so sick of black women and that look!

  • 8,10 and 12 look good on ….HER!

  • teriquajones

    Number 11 was the cutest on her. But I don’t mind her current style.

  • I wasn’t too keen on any of these. She is gorgeous just the way she is!

  • tamrachelle

    Sloppily done, you should fire the intern who attempted this.

  • g


  • Myrna

    I actually like her with dark hair #1 is my favorite then 11 and 13. The dark hair makes her beautiful eye brows stand out even more! A change is always good!

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