7 Faux Fur Pieces To Keep You Warm And Stylish (And Your Conscience Clear And PETA Out Your Hair)

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This week, at least here in the northeast, has been especially brutal with temperatures dipping below freezing.  Dressing up to show up and out becomes a task –and then some– when frostbite is a real possibility.  Bundling up from head-to-toe, although practical, is not visually appealing.  Wearing fur, although sure to keep you warm, will have PETA on you faster than they drafted up Bebe’s cease and desist letter.  So what’s a fashion obsessed girl to do?  We say wear fur….faux fur, of course.  So to stave of Old Man Winter from nipping at your heels, PETA from possibly throwing paint on you (and ruining your outfit) and your conscience from finishing you off, we suggest these faux fur pieces.

Check them out!


41nEBpPMKUL._SY445_SGG Warm Hooded Faux Fur Ling Winter Coat Long Jacket Parka Women

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