So Skinny It’s Scary: 15 Actors Who Underwent Dramatic Weight Loss For A Movie Role

Movies might be entertainment but they’re not all fun and games. When it came to portraying  a character the actors on this list took their job seriously and dropped pounds in the double digits to create a dramatic onscreen transformation, sometimes with shocking and down right scary results.

50 Cent

50Cent skinny

50 Cent looked unrecognizable after losing  over 50 pounds for his role in All Things Fall Apart. The film called for 50 to play a cancer-stricken football player, but upon initial viewing of the photos many people wondered if the rapper-turned-actor was sick for real.  He achieved his transformation in nine weeks with a liquid diet and three hours-a-day workouts.


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  • Craig

    David Fincher didn’t direct Black Swan. Darren Aronofsky did.

    Do any of you do any research before you write anything?

  • Mark S

    20 pounds is a dramatic weight loss? Really?

    • Destinie Indy Starr

      For her size/body frame, yes.

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