What's She Selling? Rihanna Instagrams Pics From 'Top Secret Ad Campaign'

What’s She Selling? Rihanna Instagrams Pics From ‘Top Secret Ad Campaign’ (Plus Barbados Pics!)

screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-9-20-14-amPhoto: Instagram

The hardest working woman in show biz, Rihanna, jumped on Instagram to let fans in on some news.

With her d├ęcolletage showing and top only being covered by a T-shirt– aka, her usual half-clothed look– the singer messaged that she finished wrapping up a new ad campaign. Catch is: It’s a secret. “And that’s a #wrap on my shoot for my new #topsecret ad campaign!!! #2013 #phuckyobasic,” she said.


screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-9-21-00-amPhoto: Instagram

In the past, the Barbadian has done advertising campaigns for Vita Coco, Armani and Nivea, so she’s no stranger to modeling. Based on the glam makeup in these new photos, we’re guessing it’s a makeup brand, but who knows?!

What we do know, is that more images of her Barbados Tourism ads are out on the next page!