Remember Us?! 15 Outstanding Girl Groups From The 90’s!

  • Ryan Leslie

    Changing Faces…miss them!!


    Xscape was no a trio! they were a 4some! RESEA

  • Drea

    There were 4 singers in Xscape!!

  • MV

    What happened to Total?!

  • Melanie Berlas

    The only ones I clearly remember are Destiny’s Child, TLC, SWV, The Spice Girls, Salt N Pepa, and En Vogue. I vaguely remember Xscape and Blaque. I expected other bands on here like All Saints, Wilson Phillips, Allure, B’Witched, Bananarama, and Expose.

  • silksoul

    Where is Kut Klose?

  • BeatBockxsz

    To be Fair, Blaque came back hard with 2004’s “I’m Good”, from the Honey soundtrack, which found the lead singer humming like Brandy! It was produced by Darkchild and the music video featured Missy Elliott. Sadly, the group’s rapper was killed last year, in Atlanta. they were like TLC-lite, and I loved them!

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