Idol Inspiration: Meagan Good Talks ‘Deception,’ Compares Aaliyah To Princess Diana

  • HisMrs02

    Love it…

  • SpareMe

    I think she would be great in an Aaliyah biopic! I would watch.

  • kisstheringfool

    Nonono as her as aaliyah i like her but not as aaliyah

  • jyoungin

    Comparing Aaliyah to Princess Diana. She is out of her mind. Princess Diana was a Humanitarian and a Humans Rights Activist, Aaliyah was a singer.

  • FemmeFatale

    Considering the fact that Megan is now ten years older than Aaliyah was when she passed, I think it’s safe to say that that ship has passed. Next!

    • FemmeFatale

      Meant to type “that ship has sailed”, not passed! Lol

      • Tammi

        These idiots! Lmao!

  • christmas808

    I miss Aaliyah

  • Shelby

    Her family said there isn’t going to be a biopic. So why are people still talking about this?
    R.I.P. Aaliyah <3

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