Comfy Chair You Can Wear: Autumn/Winter Chair By Aga Brzotek


Can you imagine rolling out of bed and buttoning yourself up in a sweater chair? As a person who is not opposed to forgoing all rules of fashion and snuggling up in a sleeping bag at her desk, my inner lazy bug is beaming at the idea of naptime at the office. Polish fashion and interior designer Aga Brzostek is the genius/saint behind the Autumn/Winter sweater chair. Named after the fashion season, the chair’s cover is a thick knit sweater.  It includes a blanket and even a pouch to stash your magazines and munchies. Rejoice!

If you suffer from “5 more minutes” syndrome like most of us do (raises hand) we may have found a comfy cure!


StyleBlazers, would you cuddle up in this heavenly designer creation?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo



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