Weird Celebrity Pet Names

The Weird Names That Celebrities Give Their Pets

We know that celebrities like to get to creative when it comes their children’s names, so you can imagine just how creative they get when it comes to their pets’ names. And why not? Pets can’t grow up and get mad at you for naming them Honey Boo Boo or something like that. Here are some celebrities who’ve given their pets (or former pets) some pretty interesting names.

adam sandler pf wenn

Adam Sandler had an English bulldog named Matzoball.


Nicole Richie had a Shih Tzu named Honeychild and a Pomeranian named Princess Pep.

jake gyllenhall pf wenn

Photo: Justin Baggoo / WENN

Jake Gyllenhaal named his dogs after the main characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” What a bibliophile. His German Shepherd is Atticus Finch and his Puggle is Boo Radley.


Drew Barrymore had a Labrador/Chow mix named Flossie, who she credits for saving her a life when a fire broke out in 2001 that burned down the home that she shared with her then-boo Tom Green.


Martha Stewart has an award-winning Chow Chow Genghis Khan.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner's missing dog

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have dogs named “Louis” and “Vuitton.”

courtney love pf wenn

Photo: Stefan Jeremiah/

Courtney Love had a Pomeranian named Princess Pep.


George W.  Bush gave Miss Beazley, a Scottish terrier as a gift to Mrs. Bush.


Audrey Hepburn had a Yorkshire Terrier named Mr. Famous.



Actor Ben Stein has a German pointer named Brigitte Bar-Dog, named after Brigitte Bardot.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck have a yellow Labrador named Martha Stewart! Apparently, Ms. Stewart is Jen’s favorite celebrity chef.


Photo: WENN
 Selma Blair has a one-eyed dog that she rescued named Wink.

jerry o connell pf wenn

Photo: Axel Gimenez/ WENN

Jerry O’Conell and Rebecca Romijn have a poodle named Better Business Kisses Galore.


Kelly Osbourne has a Pomeranian named Noodles.

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