Great News: Victoria's Secret Researching A Possible Mastectomy Bra

Great News: Victoria’s Secret Researching A Possible Mastectomy Bra


What started as a simple shopping trip for Allana Maiden and her mother, Debbie, a breast cancer survivor, turned into a petition with almost 120,000 signatures and a proposal from Victoria’s Secret.

Maiden saw the frustration her mother went through when trying to find a proper post mastectomy bra and decided to rally for suitable options.

To Maiden’s surprise her petition that started in January blossomed in less than a month and the higher ups at Limited Brands contacting her. The mother daughter pair met with Tammy Roberts Myers, VP of External Communications and ironed out a plan with research being dedicated to the project.

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According to Fashionista, the company has offered to meet with the ladies again at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters to talk with developers. During the visit, the group will meet with various people from cancer hospitals to get their take on the bras as well. The intention is that this will be a viable and functional product for the successful company.

Victoria’s Secret gave this statement in regards to the project, “We celebrate those who champion the fight against breast cancer. Victoria’s Secret and our parent company, Limited Brands, have been dedicated to helping eradicate this disease and have committed $10s of millions to cancer research. Ultimately, we are working towards celebrating the day when breast cancer is a thing of the past. In the meantime, we are listening and learning to understand if there are additional ways for our company to continue to extend its support.”

What a day that will be.


-Danielle Kwateng