Who Blazed It Better: Beyoncé Knowles Vs. Sasha Fierce

Who Blazed It Better: Beyoncé Knowles Vs. Sasha Fierce (You Ready For Some… Half-Time Show?!)

BeyoncePhoto: AP Photo/Scott Boehm


Need more Beyoncé in your life? We thought so. The singer– who’s clearly stolen the shine from the Ravens and 49ers– wore two dresses for her Super Bowl XLVII Press Conference on Thursday.


BeyoncéPhoto: AP Photo/Scott Boehm


For the questions portion of the conference, Beyoncé Knowles wore a mini Olcay Gulsen dress with Jimmy Choo “Bard Point D’Esprit” pumps. Honestly, we weren’t impressed with this very simple (dare we say plain) look. Her focus was probably on singing (lip-synch free) and impressing the “haters”.


BeyoncePhoto: AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg


Sasha Fierce’s look was more vibrant, befitting for the spirit of New Orleans. She wore a body-hugging orange Antonio Berardi dress with Jimmy Choo “Mime” perforated mirror leather pumps. This bold look captured our attention and showed us that the mother still poses the on-camera glow we bask in.


Rich Eisen, Beyonce, Deion SandersPhoto: AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg


With both looks, her side-swept hair and gold nails looked consistently amazing. We’re excited to see what she walks out with on Sunday.


Beyonce, Deion SandersPhoto: AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg

-Danielle Kwateng

  • Get tht Money.

    Looking Marvelous as Always!!! And No Matter wht “This gurl can Really Sang”. I wouldve lip synched to in 40 degrees weather. H-E-L-L she needed her voice for tht 50million contract for Super Bowl ‘You people should use your common sense!

  • Likklebit

    I prefer the interview dress, also luv the molten gold nails but prefer the Jimmy Choos with the white dress.

  • cj

    she is delicious in that orange dress, very glamourous

  • Me

    Man looking at her that white dress…they photoshopped the mess out of her n gq

  • Amazing

    Love the white dress.

  • shame on you

    ”NO…i’m going to do something fun…like watching panit dry

  • November

    Maybe its me but her whole look from the dresses to the hair style looks very “Kim Kardashian”.