Who Blazed It Better: Beyoncé Knowles Vs. Sasha Fierce (You Ready For Some… Half-Time Show?!)

  • Get tht Money.

    Looking Marvelous as Always!!! And No Matter wht “This gurl can Really Sang”. I wouldve lip synched to in 40 degrees weather. H-E-L-L she needed her voice for tht 50million contract for Super Bowl ‘You people should use your common sense!

  • Likklebit

    I prefer the interview dress, also luv the molten gold nails but prefer the Jimmy Choos with the white dress.

  • cj

    she is delicious in that orange dress, very glamourous

  • Me

    Man looking at her that white dress…they photoshopped the mess out of her n gq

  • Amazing

    Love the white dress.

  • shame on you

    ”NO…i’m going to do something fun…like watching panit dry

  • November

    Maybe its me but her whole look from the dresses to the hair style looks very “Kim Kardashian”.

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