Michelle Obama Lands Second ‘VOGUE’ Cover (Shoot’s Happening At The White House Right Now!)

michelle-obama-vogue-2Photo: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Our fabulous First Lady is about to get regal for the world’s fashion bible. Michelle Obama will grace the cover of VOGUE for the second time, and reportedly camera crews are on site at the White House for a photo shoot! According to the Washingtonian, Annie Leibovitz is also on the scene to capture the First Lady, and we can only dream of the wardrobe options lined up for the editorial. Vogue would not give any confirmation, but it’s rumored that Michelle may cover the magazine’s March issue.

That’s some major fashion buzz circling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. today!


StyleBlazers, are you excited for Michelle Obama’s next Vogue cover?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  1. says:

    They love hanging with celebrities, going on vacation, spending tax payer money, doing magazines, going on talk shows,etc.

    • says:

      And your point is? JEALOUSY. GET A FREAKING LIFE! Bush ruined the economy no the Obamas and stop with your Fox news talking points.

      • says:

        LOL Why are you so bothered that I’ve stated facts?

        • says:

          I’m bothered because I’m sickened by constant lies of fools like you. The fact is that both the Bushes went on more vacations than the Obamas. GTFOH and go F..k your father like you idiots always do or perhaps your brother. Factcheck dot org is your friend if you can bother to use it. Moron, you will never have half the decency that this lovely couple has. Jealous idiots.

        • says:

          Whilst you’re busy sexing your father and perhaps your brother, this couple is turning round the f….k up economy – f…k up by Bush!

    • says:

      Yeah yeah yeah.. They love being POTUS & FLOTUS too.. So much so that they’ll be at it for the next 4 years.. Bite on that Teabagger.. Your side lost – deal with it..

    • says:

      So freakin what, you may not even have a job.

    • says:

      Every thing you just banned was free. . The previous president, for example went in how many vacations o Tx and how many schmooze trips to tickle that Arab princes funny bone? Everything they do its within the congressional spending Budget. Our believe mev we would hear about it

  2. says:

    Michelle 0bama is a well educated, beautiful woman with style. I’m very proud she’s our First Lady. She’s Tall, Fierce and has class!

  3. says:

    That is a very nice wagon she’s dragging.

  4. says:

    That’s a frightening-looking lady. Anyone who says any different is brainwashed. I wonder what satanic hand signs she’ll throw up this time. Record yourself saying, “Yes, we can.” Play it backwards and tell me it doesn’t say, “Thank you, Satan.” I’ll wait…

  5. says:

    I love her legs

  6. says:

    “She” looks like a monster.

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