The Ravens vs The 49ers Super Bowl Sunday Fashion Show Down

The Ravens vs The 49ers Super Bowl Sunday Fashion Show Down


We’re mere hours away from Super Bowl Sunday, with the Ravens playing against the 49ers. And we’re very aware of the fact that some, or maybe even many, of you don’t care. But we’ve found a way to get you in the spirit even if some of you aren’t football fanatics, because we know you’re all fashion fiends! So in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday 2013, we’ve rounded up a few shopping picks featuring the colors of each team. We won’t know which team wins on the football field til Sunday, but on the fashion field the verdict is still out!

Check out our Ravens vs 49ers fashion picks below and tell us who wins the score.


Ravens vs 49ers

Purple and Silver Bandage Dress vs. Asymmetrical Draped Dress


Purple & White Acrylic Clutch vs. Structured Clutch Bag


Small Rectangle Silicone Watch  vs. Large Mesh-Strap Round Watch


Violet Cutout Bootie vs. Katrina Shoe in Red Suede

Who’s taking this one home, StyleBlazers?!

-Tameika Lawrence

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