All Tied Up: Kanye West Rocks Straitjacket & Mask At Abu Dhabi Concert (Next Level Or Just Cray?)

kanye-west-straitjacket-maskPhoto: @Givenchydonc’s Instagram

Kanye West‘s love was literally locked down when he took the stage in a straitjacket during a concert stop in Abu Dhabi. He’s recently had an affinity for full face garb, most recently walking the streets of Paris in a red mask. And we still can’t forget that diamond encrusted Maison Margiela mask he rocked at Revel for his New Year’s shows. But a straitjacket? That’s some real next level ish.

We’re not sure what part of the game this is exactly, but where Yeezy’s concerned, fashion boundaries are pushed to the ultimate max. Although the outfit proved quite functional, as he rocked the crowd without a hitch. But he did shed the contraption later for a dressed down all white everything ensemble.

Kanye West in concert at The Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa - 03 Feb 2013Photo: Rex Features/AP Images

StyleBlazers, what are your thoughts on Kanye’s all the way out there straitjacket?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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