Top 15 Memes, GIFs And Celeb Tweets About Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance

  • prettydew

    Great moment for African American women, when Kelly & Michelle’s mics were killed out….[yeah, sure]!!! I couldn’t hear the real harmonies of DC sing, because their mics were dead!!!! Good thing AK & JH didn’t have to share with the KING, we wouldn’t have heard them either!

    The gullible tribe of Beyfakin can come at me now…. the whole thing was over-rated and been done before! That’s what happens when you don’t have any new material to steal from, I mean gather inspiration from!!! Someone’s is waiting for Britney to open Vegas for something new hunties….

  • just me

    I hate to say it but I agree, third was all done before.I love done of Beyonce songs and I’m a fan but it was wrong that they’re mike was so low.Kelly made up for it by killing B on the dancing

  • iain_banks

    Why cant you put all the pics in or two pages? Are you that desperate for links?

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