Nicki Minaj Style: Best And Worst

Nicki Minaj’s Best And Worst Looks! Should She Find A New Stylist?!

We all know Nicki Minaj’s bizarre way of speaking, rapping, and interaction with her Barb followers! But has anyone stopped to look at some of the clothes this chick decides to put on? Ok, so we pretty sure everyone and their mama’s has had a side conversation or two about Minaj’s habitual choice of neon colors and animal prints, but we’re just saying!

Check out Nicki’s looks, from best to bad to worse, and then decide if you want to drop her publicist a quick e-mail about possibly finding her a new stylist!

Minaj The Pope



Although Minaj definitely caught plenty of glances in her all red Versace cape at last years Grammy’s, fashionist’s everywhere were left trying to exorcise the wrinkles out of their brow furrows for days to come. Yay or nay?

High Waist Snake Skin Leggings Are Hot Right?NICKI MINAJ 12 WENN


Supposedly so, according to Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe! We aren’t sure why we haven’t seen many other style enthusiasts wear them, ever, but we digress.



Haven’t you ever heard the golden fashion rule that goes something like, “Thou shall not wear too many different washes of denim at once, or shalt looking like a ratchet mess?” Well, of course you have, but somehow the memo didn’t make it to Nicki’s stylist.

Nicki The PeacockNICKI MINAJ 5 WENN


Nicki Minaj showed up to a Versace and H&M fashion show with plenty of color, sequins and green hair to make RuPaul feel like he’s made a positive impact on the world! As cute as Nicki’s Asian-inspired romper could have been at someone’s Halloween festivities, she probably could have saved our eyes from the glare!

Classy In Pink, Or Does Pepto Bismol Need Its Suit Back?NICKI MINAJ 15 WENN


Pink has always been one of Nicki’s signature colors, whether it’s her lace front or the bloomers she might sport outside of the rest of her clothes. Classy, right? She has never been shy about her love for a little pastel! So what about this look? As much as we welcome Nicki in a suit, this may have been a bit much for those who aren’t excited as she is about the florescent side of the color scale.

Zebras And LaceNICKI MINAJ 13 WENN


Ms. Minaj decided to tone it down at Nokia’s premiere of the Lumia 900, wearing her choice of a white collared shirt, lace leotard, zebra tights, and black heels! Now although lace and zebra don’t traditionally fit well together, anything that doesn’t make Nicki look like she just jumped out of a cereal box is ok with us!

Laced Up Superhero In All Red!NICKI MINAJ 10 WENN


Red lace and leather? C’mon Nicki, your pushing it!

Ms. Minaj If Your ClassyNIXKI MINAJ 11 WENN


What did you say? Finally, a Nicki Minaj look you actually like? Well, you said it, we didn’t! Nicki’s rendition of a modern working woman, embellished with a bit of stripes, actually works for the pop diva, as she appears at one of her many MAC Glam Viva premieres! Regardless of how you feel about Nicki’s several other disastrous outfit choices, when you see her like this you kind of want to give her a pat on the back, huh?

Another Uh Oh For NickiNICKI MINAJ 9 WENN


Some things can not be made hot, no matter how big of a celebrity you are, and this look is one of them. From the red stitched on corset to the bedazzled YMCA policeman hat, Nicki struck out with this one.

Black And White Never Looked So Good



Nicki decided to give the huge array of colors a break this time, toning it down with a simple black and white form fitting yet surprisingly gracious dress.



Need we say more?

Wacky Color That Actually Works!NICKI MINAJ 3 WENN


If we have learned nothing from the years of watching Nicki evolve, it is that she can wear color, any color for that matter! Sometimes we are left covering our retinas and other times we look and say, “How cute is she?” This may be one of those,”Don’t you just love Nicki?”outfits. And while she is still sporting her signature pastel and neon colors, she manages to bring it all together!

American Idol Looks Good On You, Nicki!


While Nicki can go wrong, a lot of the time, with her choice of prints, fabrics, colors and pretty much everything she wears, she can kill it, too. This my dear, is a prime example. From her fitted color blocked dress to the tribal print Louboutin’s, it’s no wonder she still manages to keep her band of barbs flocking!



Tutus and platforms and plastic, oh my! Wait, did Nicki decide to give the Spice Girls’ stylist a chance? We don’t know, but it seems she got the inspiration for this outfit from the British girl group.

Rocking Rough And Stuff With Her Minaj Puffs NICKI MINAJ 1 WENN


Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Those are rain boots on her feet. Paired of course with a neon pink heart necklace, and ruffled corset, because that is the Nicki Minaj way!


  • Simba

    Thats not a heart necklace dumbass blog people . Its a chicken wing


    YES! Give her stylist the papers to walk. She tries to go over the top, but nothing is ever co-hesive. Lada Gaga be out ther with her style, but it suites her image and songs. Niki be looking like a fool most times. She got her fake assests to flaunt, why dont she step her game up J-Lo style with a little bit of Harijuku. I would love to style her, she would be on.

  • prettydew

    This SELF-HATER has only two looks WORSE and WORST!!!! Don’t bother giving it a stylist, just flush it away already!!!!

  • maradebe

    She should retire. Nobody’s listening anymore. Overrated.

  • she doesnt have a stylist.. she designs her own wardrobe.. maybe she should just kill herself and save us all the eye sore.

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