Nicki Minaj’s Best And Worst Looks! Should She Find A New Stylist?!

  • Simba

    Thats not a heart necklace dumbass blog people . Its a chicken wing


    YES! Give her stylist the papers to walk. She tries to go over the top, but nothing is ever co-hesive. Lada Gaga be out ther with her style, but it suites her image and songs. Niki be looking like a fool most times. She got her fake assests to flaunt, why dont she step her game up J-Lo style with a little bit of Harijuku. I would love to style her, she would be on.

  • prettydew

    This SELF-HATER has only two looks WORSE and WORST!!!! Don’t bother giving it a stylist, just flush it away already!!!!

  • maradebe

    She should retire. Nobody’s listening anymore. Overrated.

  • Temerla El Jay

    she doesnt have a stylist.. she designs her own wardrobe.. maybe she should just kill herself and save us all the eye sore.

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