Trends To Try: Go 'Back And Forth' Between Then & Now With Fashion's 90s Trend

Trends To Try: Go ‘Back And Forth’ Between Then & Now With Fashion’s 90s Trend

Photo: (L) Editorial; (R) WENN

The 90s might have been the best decade of the 20th century for women’s fashion. There were no rules and restrictions like the girls-in-skirts-only 50s, or eye-soaring tutu skirts and neon leggings like the 80s. Just relaxed, cool, stylish ensembles that looked good on almost everyone. It was the first time the modern woman mixed masculine and feminine fashion. Nothing looks better paired together than a crop top and baggy jeans. And lets not get started on how the look can take you from present-day to an old Aaliyah music video with one simple bandana or plaid shirt. Who wouldn’t still love to rock to “Back And Forth” with Babygirl sitting on top of a car? Now you can…sort of.

Even if you can’t bring back the culture of the 90s, try bringing it back in your wardrobe with 6 ways to chicly dabble in the 90s trend.



Crop tops and baggy jeans go together like ice cream and cake. There’s no reason to have one without the other. Get an Aaliyah-style look by pairing this long-sleeve crop top with these boyfriend jeans, topped off with this paisley beanie.

  • Im seeing ALOT of early/mid 90s clothes Coming back in style and I LOVE IT ..the 90s was such a unique rebel decade and the clothes were just edgy and s3xy you didnt have to have a tight a$$ up ur b00ty dress to be s3xy