StyleBlazer Survey: Has Leona Lewis's Signature Red Carpet Look Gone Stale? (Pencil Skirt-Cropped Top Combo)

StyleBlazer Survey: Has Leona Lewis’s Signature Red Carpet Look Gone Stale? (Pencil Skirt-Cropped Top Combo)

It’s true,  every woman has a signature look. A silhouette that looks amazing on her frame or even a color that seems to bring it all together. UK singing sensation, Leona Lewis, may have gone a little overboard with her pencil-skirt-crop-top combination. Wearing the same look to numerous events starts to make it look like some sort of uniform. While most women are not aiming to look like a character when posing on the red carpet or parading around town, we recommend exploring options. Take elements from Leona’s look and mix it in with different pieces for an even more powerful effect. Trust us, your fashion reputation will survive in the end!

Take a browse at the Gallery below and tell us whether Leona should retire this uniform or keep it coming

  • Alexis

    As much as I like all of those outfits, she needs to give that trend a rest. We get it, but she could mix up the tops more. I like how she played with the lengths of her skirts and I love that she’s not afraid to use bold colors.

  • Jen

    I agree with Alexis, also im a big fan of color blocking but when you do it with the same trend (tiny tube top and pencil skirt) it getsboring fast.

  • w88

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