The "Wild One" Plays It Cool: Idris Elba Covers 'British GQ'

The “Wild One” Plays It Cool: Idris Elba Covers ‘British GQ’


Photo: British GQ March 2013

Who’s in the mood to swoon? Idris Elba has landed right where he belongs– on the cover of British GQ’s “The Cool Issue.” And he is the epitome of cool, maxing and relaxing a motorcycle with his name on the license plate. In the issue, Idris aims to quiet all the comparisons to the A-list black leading men before him, and says: “I’m not the NEXT anything. I’m the FIRST me!” Words to live by.

20130205-103531Photo: British GQ March 2013

Is there really anything else to say? Didn’t think so!


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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