StyleBlazer Exclusive: 6 Things Bridget Kelly Is Loving Right Now

StyleBlazer Exclusive: 6 Things Bridget Kelly Is Loving Right Now (Shares Her Fashion, Beauty And Styling Secrets!)

Bridget Kelly Photo: Courtesy of Roc Nation


Roc Nation songstress, Bridget Kelly is known for her powerful voice and sleek look, but we wanted to know more about the NYC-bred beauty. The self-proclaimed “lover of spring” chatted with us about all the fashion and beauty items that she’s digging right now. “I love spring because it’s in between two extreme seasons,” she confessed. “So I’m already preparing for the warmer season. These are the last couple of things I bought that I really love.”

Check out her fab list, below!

1. Zara Trousers, These pants she plans to wear with loafer flats or Vans. Casual and fun, they’re a staple item for her closet.
2. Zara Button-Up Shirt, The singer loves Zara, which she calls a “gold mine.” From classy pieces to sportswear, there’s something for every girl.
3. James Perse Cotton Shirts, This L.A.-based designer is great for solid colored basics.
4. Susanne Kaufmann Face Moisturizer, Bridget says, “In L.A. it’s almost crucial [to use this] because my skin dries almost all the way out.” For those of you who travel a lot, this is a great item to maintain moisture.
5. Chap-stick Cherry Lipstick, It smells and tastes like cherries. Win-Win.
6. Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner, This European product smells like cake batter and is great to use before styling.

On her blonde highlights she’s known for: “The blonde in my bangs is my own hair and any additional blonde pieces I put in myself.”

On what she does with her hair when off stage: “I’m a really big fan of a high bun. It’s clean, sleek, you can dress it up or dress it down and it’s easy to do. My hair is naturally wavy so if I sweat too much it’ll curl up if down.

On her leather infatuation: “It kind of happened by accident. I started wearing leather for performances because it adds edge and is durable. But the thing is, my stage look is not that different from my usual style. So I started collecting stuff that I wear in both occasions.”

On her bi-coastal– L.A. to NYC– style: The temperature drops in L.A. at night so I wear this dope piano jacket from Rag & Bone. But I’m still an NYC girl, so I’m basically in all black everything. I just like dope pieces that transcend from place to place, season to season.


-Danielle Kwateng