StyleBlazer Exclusive: Tia Mowry Talks Motherhood, Being An Auntie, And Her New Yoga DVD

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Tia Mowry Talks Motherhood, Being An Auntie, And Her New Yoga DVD


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We grew up adoring cuties Tia and Tamera Mowry with their fun ’90s style and sisterly antics on the hit comedy, Sister, Sister. And now, they’ve invited us on their journey through motherhood with their new lifestyle site,, which is just as popular as their hit reality TV show, Tia & Tamera on Style. They’ve created an interactive community to reach out directly to their fans, as they share lifestyle tips, beauty and fashion picks, and of course photos of those adorable babies, Cree and Aden!

We recently got to chat with Tia, and she is one busy mama! She filled us in about her new yoga DVD series, Calm Yoga and Core Yoga with Tara Stiles, and tips on how the fit mom keeps herself looking so great post-baby. Of course, she dished on her “twindividual style” and that super sweet pixie cut we love.

She’s just as sweet and bubbly as we ever imagined! Get the scoop in our exclusive interview.



StyleBlazer: On the show we watched you fall for yoga with your trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. What inspired you to create your own yoga DVD?
Tia Mowry: “I was introduced to yoga by Jeanette Jenkins. I heard about it but I felt so intimidated. Because you see all of these funky crazy poses and you’re like, ‘Oh hell, I’m not a gymnast. I can’t do that.’ So I never really focused on it or even wanted to try it. But I told Jeanette what I wanted with my body, and she said even though you’re doing cardio and running, it’s very important for you to lean out your body. Because if you don’t, then your muscles get constricted and you’re prone to injury.  One of the main reasons why I love yoga is that it’s not just all about pumping iron and looking fit. It’s also about working on the inner self, and working on how you view yourself as a person and how you view the world and the people around you.  I wanted to come out with a yoga DVD because I wanted people to experience what I experience as well. Especially in the African American community, I think that you just don’t see a lot of us doing yoga because number one, you are intimidated. You’re like, oh God, it’s yogis, this is just for people who are Buddhists, and the lists goes on and on. But it’s not! Yoga is actually for everyone. And I wanted people to share the benefits that I was getting from yoga. I’m not perfect. I’m not this crazy perfect fit kind of instructor that’s going to be teaching people doing yoga therefore leaving them intimidated. I wanted people to see like wow, if Tia can do it, and she looks normal, she just had a baby. And if this is how she got fit, then I can do it, too.”

SB: Definitely. I feel like I’m the only brown girl in my yoga class ever!
Tia Mowry: “Me too! That’s why I wanted to share and just kind of enlighten people about the benefits that yoga definitely does have. And one of the main things I love about yoga is that when you do yoga, or any exercise, you become more conscious about what you’re putting in your body.  And that’s another reason for my success with losing some of the baby weight, because it really helped me focus on what I was putting in my body.”

IMG956948 (1).jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Tia Mowry

SB: We see that you’re very health conscious on the show. And even with Cree, you’re only giving him the healthiest ingredients. What’s your workout and diet routine?
Tia Mowry: “I really think that food can heal the body, and food can give us the energy, and even help us with balance in life, with our emotions, just being happy. I really do think that you are what you eat. I am very conscious about what I put in my body. I find that there are certain foods that I eat that get me sleepy or tired, so I want to stay away from those foods, which are fatty and salty foods. I turned vegan, which is one of my New Year’s resolutions. I heard such great things about it. I’m absolutely enjoying it. I’m finding different ways to cook and eat. And it’s a challenge to me. It’s just teaching me how to eat more disciplined. A good diet would be just focusing on proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Fruits that are really good are berries. You want to kind of stay away from cantaloupes and honey dew melons, sometimes mango. Even though those are really good, it does break down into a lot of sugar. I eat no carbs, so the grains that are eat are quinoa, brown rice, nuts. All those grains are good for the digestion. And for protein right now I’m doing beans and tofu.”

SB: What’s your advice for someone embarking on a healthy lifestyle in 2013? How would you keep them motivated?
Tia Mowry: “My advice would definitely have to be to do something really practical. Don’t get out there too fast. Make realistic goals. There are some people who are like, I want to lose 15 pounds in two months. For that they’re going to have to be in the gym for two hours, maybe even three hours a day. Really set realistic goals.  I think that if you do that, then you’re not letting yourself doing so much. And if you do let yourself down, it’s ok. Pick yourself up and go at it again. Do not give up.”

Tia dishes on her adorable son, Cree, and being an auntie. Keep reading!

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    I love these sisters, I also fell in love w/their reality show. Tamera has a great fashion style.