StyleBlazer Exclusive: Tia Mowry Talks Motherhood, Being An Auntie, And Her New Yoga DVD

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Tia Mowry Talks Motherhood, Being An Auntie, And Her New Yoga DVD



SB: Your son Cree is adorable! I feel like we’re getting to watch him grow, as well as you as a mom. But what’s it like being an aunt?
Tia Mowry: “I love being an auntie. It is an amazing role. I knew that I would be in love with Aden, but the love that I have for him, I can’t explain. He is so full of joy, and just full of light. He lights up the room. I feel really blessed to be able to have this role in life. And I am a mom to Cree but it’s just a different type of relationship. With Cree the love is overflowing, but then also there’s that discipline side. But with Aden, it’s all about spoil spoil spoil spoil, and I love it.”


SB: We love that you and Tamera call yourselves “twindividuals.” How would you describe your “twindividual” style?
Tia Mowry: “I’m more of a risk taker. I think Tamera is more conservative with her style choices. Where as with me, whatever the trends are at the moment, I’m not afraid to try them. I don’t like for things to be so feminine. If a dress is hot pink and it has that feminine color, and I like to throw a leather jacket to it, kind of mix in feminine style with a little bit of an edge.”

DianaKing_01_Tia_297 RGBcropPhoto: Diana King

SB: Obviously we grew up watching you guys on Sister, Sister and you definitely had an influence on ‘90s style. What’s an item from your closet as a teenager that you would wear today?
Tia Mowry: “You know what? Denim jackets! They’re coming back in style! You have denim vests, you have denim jackets, and Jessica Alba, she does it very well. She really gets it. So that would definitely be one.”

SB: I never broke up with my denim jacket! I know that you and Tamera have different styles, but have you ever encouraged her to buy an outfit just because you know that you’ll want to borrow it later?
Tia Mowry: “Our styles are so different. When we were in college, we always borrowed each other’s clothes. But now, we borrow each other’s shoes and handbags. I’ll push my sister to probably try some more s*xier pieces, but it’s not because I’m trying to wear it.”

SB: What are some fashion trends currently that you can’t live without?
Tia Mowry: “A leather jacket. But not only leather jackets. You have leather tights, you have leather skirts, you have leather peplum dresses, leather peplum tops. I am loving that. Leather everything. And I just think that it’s really hot thing right now, especially for winter. You see a lot of girls wearing it. I also like lace. I think that lace is just very beautiful.”

Tia recently debuted an adorable pixie cut! Keep reading to find out what inspired her to make the chop.

  • voiceofreason37

    Cute babies!! Tamera’s lil boy is ADORB

  • currvalicious

    I love these sisters, I also fell in love w/their reality show. Tamera has a great fashion style.