Boy or Girl? 15 Androgynous Celebs

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Both!: 15 Of Hollywood & Fashion’s Biggest Gender Blenders


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The world of fashion is full of creativity, and blurs the lines when it comes to mixing femininity and masculinity to create amazing garments and beauty looks. Some of fashion’s best contributors have androgynous style and we love them for it! It’s done by some of the best–Grace Jones, Jenny Shimizy, Milla JovovichAlexander Wang, among others. Fashion designers, stylists, models and everyday fashionistas with androgynous style makes them stand out, and often creates a dialogue about what is truly male and female. But their fashion sense speaks for itself.

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archive photofest harry jones 230109Photo Credit: WENN

Grace Jones in her high-top fade with defined physique and black leather top blurred gender lines.

The 40th Anniversary American Music Awards 2012

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Justin Bieber’s full face and lips soften his masculine attributes.

david byrne 200111

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La Roux has androgynous facial features that match her eclectic style.

cinema for peace 150112

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Hilary Swank’s toned physique with her defined jaw line and square features mix feminine and masculine attributes.

hollywood reporter 250211

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Milla Jovovich’s square facial features are masculine, but are softened by her full lips and thin build.

new now next arrivals 4 060412

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Andrej Pejic is a male androgynous model that has great success on the runways of various high-end designers.

Tilda Swinton gibt Autogramme nach Dreharbeiten

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Tilda Swinton’s has hard features like a man, but she still looks feminine with hints of softness.


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Olivier Theyskens’ soft features and long hair make his look androgynous.

magic arrivals 2 120412

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Rooney Mara attended the Broadway opening night of Magic/Bird in a black blazer and messy boy cut hair that match her masculine features.

Stav Strashko Red Side of the Moon
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Stav Strashko’s androgynous look has served him well as a model, and allows him to portray both men and women strikingly well.

Casey Legler for All Saints

Photo Credit: All Saints

Casey Legler is the first woman to sign a men’s contract with Ford Models for her strong masculine features.

victorias secret arrivals 111010Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

Alexander Wang at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a letterman jacket with sweater and shoulder length hair.


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Azmarie Livingston is one model that plays with male and female dress styles, which works for her features.

bravo a list awards arrivals 2 060409

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Jenny Shimizu’s signature masculine style is very simple and relaxed.

machete premiere arrivals 260810

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Michelle Rodriguez has a tomboy style that’s usually laid back in jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket.


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