Celebrities Who Take Their Religion Very Seriously

15 Celebrities Who Take (Or Have Taken) Their Religion Seriously!

A lot of times we forget that celebrities are human just like the rest of us! They have beliefs, moral codes, and values. Oftentimes they do not take on certain roles or make a song because of these beliefs. Check out which celebrities take their religion quite seriously.

Tyler Perry



From his constant presence in the “chitling theatre” circuit, to the lines hinting toward Christianity in a number of his films, it’s probably quite clear Tyler Perry is a practicing Christian. In a few interviews he has been clear and outspoken about his religious affiliations, leaving critics to wonder about his stance on various ethical issues like same sex marriage and abortion.

Tom Cruise



Tom Cruise has served as the face for the very secretive Scientology religion for years. Many consider him to be the most important scientologist of this era, due to his ability to spread its name and convert believers with his world wide prominence.

Tina Turner



Ms. Turner is very spiritual, and believes her practice of Buddism is what got her past her hugely publized abusive relationship with ex-husband Ike Turner.


Muhammad Ali



Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Ali decided to change his name to Muhammad Ali after converting to the Nation of Islam in 1967. Mr. Ali has also been heard doing numerous interviews where he has referenced his belief in Allah as one of the focal points of his own life, and trying to convince others to do the same!




It’s said that Madonna’s conversion to the Kabbalah religion not only raised a lot of critical eyebrows, but caused a lot of celebrities to jump on the bandwagon. Celebrities like Mick Jagger, Demi Moore and Courtney Love are all avid believers of the Kabbalah religion. What exactly does Kabbalah consist of? Well aren’t we  glad you asked! Kabbalah, the Hebrew meaning for “received tradition,” has a basic belief system that God is made up of 10 “emanations,” which include compassion, strength, wisdom and grace. By studying them, humans can get closer to an unknowable God.




Prince, who was raised  a Seventh Day Adventist converted to the study of Jehovah Witness many years ago. Being very open about his dedication and belief in his religious practices. Now we know, the first thing you think about when you hear the words, “Jehovah Witness,” are the people that come to knock at your door on those bright Saturday afternoons. Prince doesn’t have the time to do that right? Wrong. Turns out, Prince goes out with his co-laborors, devoting time to spread the word about the Jehovah Witness experience, but it’s probably safe to say that Prince gets invited in more often than some of his peers.

Katherine Heigl



Heigl grew up in  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church. After the tragic death of Katherine’s brother when she was only eight years old, her parents whom were once Lutheran and Catholic believers, decided to seek the Mormon Church for answers to the horrific experience. Katherine admits that she has gotten quite lazy and has abandoned Mormonism’s rigid belief system, but she gives a great deal of credit to her family’s religious practices to her success now.

John Travolta



John Travolta is another celebrity face linked to the controversial Scientology religion. Born and raised Catholic, Travolta converted to Scientology when he was 21 years old. John has professed in many books, articles, and other outlets that he credits his belief in Scientology with allowing him emotional stability through the more traumatic times in his life, even getting him past the early death of his son. Travolta even goes as far as to link most of his success to his Scientologist lifestyle.

Jessica Simpson



 Raised a Baptist child and being the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister, Jessica Simpson has been named a hypocrite many times for her sometimes revealing and sex-ually influenced music. Simpson admits that her relocating to LA has steered her away from her Christian roots but still gives a great amount of respect to her Christian upbringing.

Ashton Kutcher



Although Kutcher has no stand out affiliation to any particular organized religion, he has been linked to the Kabbalah religion quite a few times, especially during his marriage to now ex-wife Demi Moore. These days Kutcher does not necessarily practice Kabbalah as much as his formative days, but is a huge believer in spirituality. Even being quoted saying things like, “Spirituality is doing things and then seeing the results and then believing in them.”

Rev Run



The name speaks for itself right! But if you aren’t up to speed to Rev Run’s obvious stand on religion, let’s give you the “Run down,” – don’t we just crack you up? Thought so. Anyways, Rev Run, or Joseph Ward Simmons is indeed a practicing minister, and might we say one of the coolest out there! The Rev changed his stage name to, “Rev Run,” after he was ordained as a Pentecostal minister by E. Bernard Jordan, Simmons’s spiritual mentor. Although he is still very involved in the hip hop game (seriously how could be not be with a brother name Russell Simmons, and a son name Diggy) he takes great care in upholding his image as a Reverend first.

Denzel Washington



Mr. Washington is fine and a Christian and – church ladies everywhere keep your hats on – he has been married since 1983! Yes, broken hearted we know! Denzel was born to a Pentecostal preacher and a gospel singer, and openly admits that his household was extremely religious with prayer being a part of his everyday life. Since entering manhood, Denzel has been a open contributor to Christian causes, even donating $2.5 million dollars to his home church. Washington, who has read the bible front to back three times, thought of being a preacher but says he settled on “spreading a good word,” though his film work.

Lupe Fiasco



Lupe Fiaso, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, is a devout Muslim although he expresses doubts about any religious lifestyle. Lupe has also expressed his concerns for those who live a militant Muslim lifestyle, reminding them of the world’s transition, and the need for adjustment.

Mos Def



Mos Def has openly talked to various interviewers about his devotion to the Muslim religion, but if you’re a Mos Def fan you don’t have to look too far past his music to know that Mos’ religion plays a huge part in the 39 year-old’s hip hop star’s life. The Brooklyn born lyricist was born to a father who practiced the Islamic faith, but growing up under the wing of his mother in New Jersey, Mos did not receive his formal introduction to Islam until age 13. He then decided to convert when he was 19, and the rest is history.

Angela Bassett



Coined as deeply religious by some of her peers, Angela Bassett has never been shy about her Christian lifestyle. Bassett’s beliefs have always been quite influential in the roles she takes on the big screen, with many of them trying to spread some type of positive or lesson learned message.


  • I guess he hasn’t read enough of the bible – about not wearing clothes of the other gender. But it made him a lot of money so it is ok to go against those religious beliefs. Of course, it’s ok to take what you want and leave the rest.

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