So Scandalous! Kerry Washington Covers ‘Ebony’ Magazine’s March 2013 Issue


 Photo: Ebony Magazine

We are going to answer your question right here, right now. Yes, Scandal is the best show to occupy our Thursday nights! So you understand how excited we are to see Ms. Kerry Washington in black leather, a dramatic cat eye and teased hair on the March cover of Ebony Magazine. We’re loving this look and can’t wait to read what she has to say about the success of the show.

What do you think, StyleBlazers? Is Kerry serving on the cover?


-Adrienne A. Gadling

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  1. says:

    Kerry Washington is a sellout plain and simple

  2. says:


    Shut yo mouth son! She’s incredibly talented, and beyond beautiful! Go spread your hate somewhere else..

  3. says:

    She’s not a sellout. Kerry is an sophisticated, classy young African American woman , a positive example for young black women and girls. But, since she’s on Scandal , and her love interests are white men, than she’s a sellout.So sad.

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