Vintage Fashion Finds: Consignment Shops & Websites That Sell Your Favorite Designers

We love to feature high-priced designer merchandise. But we’re aware that, like us, not everyone is able to afford the latest Céline bag or Charlotte Olympia shoes. Some save enough money to treat ourselves to the luxury, others would rather find their fashionable pieces at a much cheaper price. That is where consignment shopping comes in. Consignment shops are boutiques and websites that sell designer merchandise sold to them by the items’ previous owners. In other words, you’re buying vintage pieces once owned by someone else. If you enjoy the beauty of owning something from a different time period, we know you’ll adore a 1980s Chanel necklace, and we’re here to give you the resource to find it. Below is a list of consignment shops that sells designer clothing, accessories and jewelry, so you, too can own something from those you admire. Take a peek to see what gem(s) you’ll find.



What Goes Around Comes Around is a vintage boutique that opened in SoHo in 1993. The company has retail stores in both New York and Los Angeles, and is known for its flashy vintage Chanel jewelry. Shop around at

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