Remember When You Used to Jam to Their Songs?: 15 Forgotten Boy Bands of the 90's

15 Forgotten ’90s Boy Bands: Remember When You Used To Jam To Their Songs?

Oh, the ever enigmatic boy band. So cool one minute and so lame the next.  The ’90s spawned several boy bands. Some achieved great success, some achieved moderate success, and some simply faded into the background. Many of them we forgot ever existed. They all still have a place in our hearts, though, and call to mind memories of yesteryear.

Reminisce with our list of 15 forgotten boy bands of the ’90s.


Imajin - Boy band

 This handsome group had only one hit, “Shorty (You Keep Playin’ with My Mind),”  in 1998. The group attempted to set itself apart by playing instruments but after the release of their self-titled first album, they broke up in 2000. Imajin later reunited with a slightly different line up.

Fun fact: Olamide Faison (center) is the younger brother of actor Donald Faison.


Here’s what Imajin looked like back in 2006 when they reunited

lmajin- Boy band
Imajin in 2006 (from left to right: Tony Royster Jr. who replaced Jamal Hampton, Olamide Faison, Talib Kareem, and John Fitch .

Five (5ive)

Five- Boy band

This British boy band was designed to be the male Spice Girls, and even had Simon Cowell manage their career. They were a little more street than the average boy band, with two rappers in the group. Their debut single “Slam dunk (Da Funk) ” was chosen as the NBA theme song  in 1997, though the song didn’t chart. The next year, 5ive would release “When The Lights Go Out,” from their debut album. The song cracked the top 10 on Billboard.  Their single “If Ya Gettin’ Down” from their sophomore release also became an international hit, but the members of 5ive butted heads with each other and Simon Cowell, and decided to call it quits. They reunited in 2006 and 2012 albeit with only 4 members. Kinda makes the whole band name a little awkward, doesn’t it?


Check out what the band looks like now!

Five 5ive -Today
5ive in 2012 minus rapper J. Brown



Youngstown- Boy band

You probably remember this group most by their single “I’ll Be Your Everything,”  featured on the 1999 Disney movie Inspector Gadget. The ending credits had you jamming to Youngstown, and Disney Channel wasted no time in playing the music video in heavy rotation. The group, named after the trio’s hometown in Ohio, released two albums but let’s face it, “I’ll be your everything” was the only thing any of us paid attention to.


soul decision

While not a boy band in the traditional bubble-gummy-dance-poppy sense, SoulDecision debuted at the height of the ’90s boy band era. The Canadian trio crooned to funky pop/R&B sounds and played their own instruments. Tunes like “Faded” and “Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy” charted success in the U.S. and Canada. The latter song even earned TRL‘s number #1 request spot at one point.  They could jam, but lead singer Trevor had some of the most cheesy facial expressions when he sang.

Modern day SoulDecision

Soul Decision

Another Bad Creation

Another Band Creation - Boy band

Back in the ’90s, “Iesha” was the jam.  But with an album called Coolin’ at the Playground Ya Know! and a name that spelled the acronym ABC, it’s really no wonder these little boys had no longevity.


Westlife - boy band

The Irish boy band got signed by Simon Cowell in the ’90s. They never managed to break into the U.S. market but Westlife has recorded 10 albums, sold 50 million CD’s worldwide, and played for the Pope, the Queen, and President Obama. Known mostly for their ballads, the group is still making music. If you’re an American, you’ve probably only heard the song that actually charted here, “Swear It All Over Again.


Westlife Today

Westlife had staying power, making music form 1998-2012 when they called it quits after their greatest hits tour. The 5th member, Brian McFadden, left the group in 2004.

Soul For Real

Soul for Real - boy band

“Candy Rain” is the quintessence of good old ’90s R&B. Soul For Real, made up of 4 brothers, hit number 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 back in the day, and then scored once more with their follow-up “Eveything Little Thing I Do”. Their first and second albums were produced by Heavy D and P. Diddy, respectively. The group was a success circa 1995 but by 1998 Soul For Real had begun to fade into the background.


Apparently, Soul for Real has been making music for the last five years! The Dalyrimple brothers  released a single in 2008 that featured Jadakiss


Take That

Take That- boy band

They dominated the UK charts and have made 54 number one hits internationally. Some of their more popular songs are Back For Good” and “Babe.

Fun Fact: This is the group that spawned Robbie Williams (bottom right).


Take That sold out the biggest tour in UK history back in 2010

Take-That- boy band

The Boys


This tiny, cute, and funny band of brothers released three albums in the late ’80s/early ’90s.  Their most popular songs were “Dial My Heart”  and “Crazy.”


Dream Street

Dream Street- boy band

This band made the fatal mistake of debuting at the end of the boy band craze in 2000. They had one semi-hit single “Happens Every Time,” but are most known for being a springboard for Jesse McCartney’s career.


3T - Boy band

Were we the only ones who thought that 3T stood for the the three Titos? Yes? Well, then, forget we ever brought it up. They are the three sons of Tito Jackson: Toriano Adaryll Jackson II (also known as Taj), Taryll Adren Jackson, and Tito Joe Jackson (TJ). The group debuted in 1995 and performed pretty well, selling 3 million copies of their album. Their most popular songs are “Why” (a duet with uncle Michael Jackson), “Anything” and “I Need You”.

Two of the three members are looking quite different, today...

3T - Boy band
3T in 2011



C Note - Boy band

C-Note, meaning “Nothing Other Than Excellence” was…well anything but excellent.  But it was the ’90s and most boy bands were in the same position. The group infused Latin elements into their brand of pop and scored some moderate success with their single “Wait Til I Get Home,” which peaked at 33 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1999.


C-Note made a return to music in 2005 and released music for at least three years following. The new line up consisted of all Latin members, only two of which were from the original group.

C-Note - Boy band


N-Toon - Boy band

Not many would remember these guys. They had no significant hits but did appear on Radio Disney and released their only album Toon Time via Dreamworks.

Fun Fact: The group did, however, give R&B crooner Lloyd (back center) his beginning.

Another Level

Another Level- Boy band

One of the few interracial music groups of the 90’s, Another Level  hailed from the UK. They made it to UK’s number one with a cover of Silk’s “Freak Me” and went platinum with their debut album, but by far the most interesting thing about this group is our next fun fact.

Fun Fact: Jay-Z is featured on their song “Be Alone No more.”  Yeah…

Code Red

Code Red came from England with moderate success in the UK. They might most be remembered for releasing their version of the Tevin Campbell hit “Can We Talk” and their song What Would You Do If.


So Styleblazers, which is your favorite forgotten boy band?


  • TbeeZ

    ABC!!! play ground my ish!!!

  • TheStacyKeys

    I wonder how these groups look today all grown up

  • Why do T3 look like MJ after the surgery? (RIP)

    • Kek

      I know!!! That is so weird. Maybe the all did the plastic surgery thing to maintain the family resemblance?

    • Deafer

      Cause that’s how Joe Jackson looks

  • Keisha Samoht

    Soul Decision…i still remember the chorus to the song Faded….*covers eyes in shame* dont judge me!!!

    • I’m right there with you. To honor this list I actually put on the song on my way home. Good times.

  • Wow, this brings back so many memories. I was fortunately lucky enough to
    have met many of them. Most of the guys were very sweet. Robbie
    (Take That), Bryan (Westlife), and the weird guys from 5ive were the exceptions.
    I adored the guys from Soul Decision, Westlife, Take That, and Youngstown. Many
    of the songs from these bands were soundtracks to my life back then. It was great seeing a lot of them in the list. I have goosebumps. I just wish that A1, LFO, Hanson, Boyzone, No Authority, and S Club 7 were also in this list as well.

    • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

      Guh!!!! i got S Club 7 on my itunes!!!! dont judge me!!!

      • Melanie Berlas

        No worries, I do too. Don’t judge me.

    • Dorothy

      No way, I’m glad Hanson isn’t on the list. Hanson is still around, Hotter and Better than ever. They just released their 6 studio album.

  • Deafer

    Chris Mark Red Dave, Ro!
    ABC jammed for just a lil bit.

  • Deafer

    LOL TJ got some THICK eyebrows
    He’s the only one that looks the same.
    Taryll looks Indian – beautiful

  • Deafer

    New Kids On The Block?
    New Edition?
    Backstreet Boys?

    Don’t know these UK peeps

    • Melanie Berlas

      Actually of all of the 15 bands listed in the article, 10 of the bands are from the US. Take That, 5ive, Westlife, Another Level, and Code Red are from the UK/Europe, while Soul Decision is from Canada. There are 2 reasons that 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, and Nsync aren’t on here. The first reason is because they all came out at the end of the 90’s. By that time most of the above mentioned bands had already broken up. The other reason that is because they are not forgotten. Their music is still all over the place in the US. If you went to any type of dance/night clubs, ice skating rinks, or watched a lot of teen movies/shows in the 90’s or 2000’s then you’ve probably heard of the music from all of the bands that I’ve listed. Their music was all over the place back then. Most of them are still VERY popular in Europe or Asia. Especially Westlife, and Take That. They both just recently broke world records for album and concert sales.

    • silksoul

      This list is for boy bands that were forgotten, the ones you listed are well remembered and still tours.

  • Rene Smith

    C-Toon, One of them is Lloyd.

  • Daniel Asamota

    Soul for real was too bad! Loved them! too bad they had to go the thug route!

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