Get Me Bodied: Beyoncé's Guitarist Bibi McGill Also Rocks As A Yoga Instructor!

Get Me Bodied: Beyoncé’s Guitarist Bibi McGill Also Rocks As A Yoga Instructor!


Photos: Bibi McGill via Black Book/ Gerald Herbert/AP

It’s been almost a week since Beyoncé Bowl rocked our worlds and shut down the lights and the Internets, set grown men’s hearts aflutter and had us catwalking to work the next day.  We’ve talked about her moves, her custom made Rubin Singer leather outfit and to-die-for Proenza Schuler boots. We even crushed on her fly manicure fit for a golden goddess.

But the secret to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl body may have been as easy as “Om.” One of our favorite black girls who quite literally rocks, Bibi McGill does double duty as the lead guitarist in Bey’s all-girl band, and as a yoga instructor. Bibi is a businesswoman in her own right. As the owner of Bib Food Enterprises, LLC, Bibi offers yoga videos on her website, and even has a line of Kale chips!

Bibi got her first big break in music when she toured with Pink in 2001. Since then her afro and mean guitar game has made her one of the most easily recognizable members of Bey’s band. We’re sure that a fitness buff like the King takes breaks with the yogi instructor for some zen!

She’s tatted up, she rocks hard and she breaks a sweat. Bibi is a superwoman we totally adore!

Check out one of Bibi’s yoga routines after the jump.


StyleBlazers, are you embracing your yogi?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

  • Puna

    Bibi is cool, band the chick has tattoos like a man….

  • CriticXtreme

    She has great talent and a very positive aura!