He Can Fly!: Frank Ocean Covers 'The New York Times Magazine'

He Can Fly!: Frank Ocean Covers ‘The New York Times Magazine’


He’s got the world at his feet. It’s no secret that Frank Ocean was one of the most anticipated artists of 2012, who made good on all the hype with incredible music. And part of his magic seems to be that he is 100% focused on the art, and could care less about what you think of him off the record. In a frank (pun intended) interview with The New York Times Magazine, he’s not afraid to say he doesn’t trust journalists, and at just 25, he realizes the true power of keeping it 100 with himself:

“We’re talking about substances, but we forget how intoxicating things that aren’t tangible, things that aren’t chemical substances, are. You forget about it. I’m saying, you know, love. Power. Money, which is power. Freedom. Honesty. Because that explicit truth I was talking about [his open letter on Tumblr] probably had the same effect [on me] as heroin does on some people.”

Frank is a Grammy frontrunner this year. His album Channel Orange is nominated for six awards, dominating categories with fellow rookies, indie-pop group, fun. Tune in to CBS Sunday night to see if Frank wins Grammy gold. Fly on, brother.

10ocean1-articleLargePhoto: Ryan McGinley/ The New York Times

StyleBlazers, will Frank win big on Grammy night?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo