Brooke Valentine Pops Up On Grammy Party Red Carpet, Shirtless (Yea…)

The Billboard After PartyPhoto: Brian To/WENN


Ever have the experience of running into the most popular girl from your high school days and she’s still dressing like a 9th grader? Welp, that’s what we experienced when we saw Brooke Valentine on the red carpet of Billboard’s Grammy After Party in Hollywood on Sunday.

The “Girlfight” singer wore a blazer, green tuxedo pants, pumps and a bra. Yep, we have to mention the bra, as it serves as the main focal point of this look.


The Billboard After PartyPhoto: Brian To/WENN


What’s sad is that the look, sans the bra, is actually really cute and well put together. It’s obvious that the 28-year-old wanted to bring attention to herself, but being overexposed is never the way to go. Take note, all you high schoolers out there.


-Danielle Kwateng

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