Love & Fashion: StyleBlazer’s 15 Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

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Fashion brilliance can come in unexpected places. And when two budding fashion icons fall madly in love, the style possibilities are endless, as some of Hollywood's most beautiful couples can attest. So just in time for Valentine's Day, StyleBlazer takes a look at 15 wildly fashion forward, blissfully in love couples.


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Michelle and Barack Obama

While Barack loves classic power suits and subtle colors, Michelle has never shied away from rocking impressive designer treads. Whether it's a stunning Jason Wu Inauguration gown or simply a smart looking J. Crew ensemble, Michelle embraces color, interesting silhouettes and definitely has taken a page out of the Jackie O., not Laura Bush playbook. Please let this be a lesson to future First Ladies: You can still uphold the traditions and importance of the office, without sacrificing fashion.

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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

They have had a rocky road to love, but that hasn't chipped away one bit at the style excellence that Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have brought to Hollywood. Though the case can definitely be made that D-Wade is more of a fashion fanatic than his boo, we can't knock Gabrielle's fashion hustle. Whether they are walking the red carpet solo or together, both Gabrielle and Dwyane look flawless. One of our favorite looks: for D-Wade's birthday, Gabrielle rocked a stunning eggplant gown, decked out with a plunging neckline and high slit, while Dwyane wore a classic tux with matching lapel accent. Lovely!

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Victoria and David Beckham

The Spice Girl and the soccer star. Who would have ever thought that these two would be one of the most stylish couples to ever grace the red carpet? It also doesn't hurt that Becks is one hot piece of such and such. But their own gorgeousness aside, the Beckhams have fully embraced their roles as style icons. Victoria, who has walked runways, designed her own collection and served as the face for many a brand, has become one of the most recognizable figures in fashion in the world. Her husband has also gotten into the fashion game, though to an admittedly lesser extent, but that hasn't stopped him from matching his wife's high-style benchmarks time and time again. And to think these two have children. A whole new generation of style is just a few years away.

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Jada Pinkett and Will Smith

They are one of Hollywood's most recognizable and powerful couples, but what gets overlooked, at times, is their ability to look fabulous on the red carpet. And come on, is it any surprise these two would rock it on every red carpet they grace? Will's natural charm and Jada's petite figure are two perfect attributes to take stunning clothes and elevate them a few notches. Anyone can wear incredible clothes, but it takes big personalities to fully embody the look and feel the designer was going for. Among the designers whose creations these two have brought to life: Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Carolina Herrera, Versace and David August.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Hip-hop's royal couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, have been at the forefront of fashion for years. While both have introduced the world to their own lines, it has been their signature looks out and about that have really gotten our attention … and earned them a special spot on our stylish couples countdown. What's beautiful about Beyonce and Jay-Z is that their divergent tastes seamlessly work together. Jay-Z's more subdued approach pairs perfectly with Beyonce's penchant for bold colors and hot silhouettes. He allows her to take centerstage with her style, but always makes sound fashion choices himself. If there is one couple we'd hope to emulate in our style selections, we have a winner in these two.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

To be fair, we probably could have included any of the Kardashian couples (Khloe-Lamar, Kourtney-Scott) on our list. But when it comes to being on the cutting edge of style, it's hard to top Kim Kardashian and soon-to-be baby daddy Kanye West. We'll admit that we're not always the biggest fans of some of Kimye's fashion choices. Someone of them are down right questionable. But when it comes to style, only big risks will reap big rewards, so we applaud the duos commitment to experimenting and having fun with their looks. Regardless of what you think of Kim K., you have to give her major props for dressing in a figure-flattering way that embraces her curves.

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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

It's been a long, arduous style journey for the lovely Alicia Keys. Things didn't start off that well for the R&B songstress, with more fashion misses than fashion hits in her early goings on the red carpet. But slowly she evolved into one of music's foremost style mavens ... and found herself a beau who shares her love of fashion. Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz, while certainly not the most outgoing of stylish celebrity couples, undoubtedly deserve a spot on our list. From effortlessly cool casual to red hot couture on the red carpet, Alicia and Swizz have quickly become one of Hollywood's best-dressed pairs.

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

These two impeccably dressed men are probably one of the most overlooked celebrity couples when it comes to style. But we're here to change that and give them the fashion recognition they deserve. Granted, men's fashion always seems to play second fiddle to flowing gowns and hot, little numbers, but that doesn't mean that Neil and his beau deserve any less praise for their fashion choices. Their reliance on classic lines and traditional styles with a twist is a sigh of relief among countless celebrities whose attempts at being uber trendy fall horribly flat. Not to mention Neil and David are probably two of the most likeable celebs out there. Style and sweetness ... the perfect combination.

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Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

OK, so we'll admit an unfair advantage with this one: Come on, like the supermodel isn't going to score high when it comes to fashion. But Gisele and Tom are more than just well-dressed. These two stunners have that whole Hollywood glam thing down a science. Not a red carpet event goes by in which these two don't look absolutely striking. Donning the highest in high fashion, this celebrity couple has been dressed to the nines by designers as diverse as Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Yves Saint Laurent. While you won't see them taking very many risks in terms of their style (Tom typically sticks to a fashionable, yet understated suit, while Gisele usually keeps her color choices more on the classic lines side), there is no knocking consistency and a love of safe, yet stylish choices.

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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

As if it wasn't enough that Eva Mendes is cuddling up with Hottie McHotstuff Ryan Gosling, she and her beau are also among Hollywood's most stylish canoodlers. Though many sightings of this couple tend to be away from the spotlight in a more casual setting, these two can rock low-key threads and couture fashions like no one's business. And more so than many of the couples on our list, these two seem to match, but not in an annoying way either. Whether it's sharing a tone or an overall feel to their ensembles, Eva and Ryan always seem to balance each other out and strike a nice harmony in their wardrobe choices.

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson

A more under-the-radar selection, but Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson are definitely holding down the fashion fort for the more Bohemian chic, hot hipster set. Solange has done a phenomenal job in breaking out from under her big sister's shadow and forging her own successful career path. And while we're not entirely sure she has surpassed Beyonce in the style department, she's definitely given her a run for her money. And as if she couldn't hold it down on the fashion tip on her own, she managed to fall for a man who seems just as enamored with style as she is. We absolutely heart these two and can't wait to see how Solange's son Juelz adopts mama's and step-dad's fashion sense.

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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

These two aren't exactly Hollywood's most beloved stars (using stars rather loosely, of course), but we can't deny that they have definitely taken the fashion world by the cojones and crafted their own distinctive and wildly interesting approach to style. No one could ever excuse this hip-hop couple of erring on the side of subtle, but in many instances that ballsy approach to style has worked in their favor. Particularly throughout Amber's pregnancy, the couple's love of vibrant colors, form-fitting ensembles and tricked out accessories has helped them to become one of the most interesting couples to hit the events scene. It's safe to say we should be treated to even more fabulous looks once Amber gets her pre-preggers body back.

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Fergie and Josh Duhamel

We can't even begin to describe our affection for these two. Obviously, both Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel are incredibly beautiful. But what makes them stand out from the rest is their incredible style. From Fergie's barely-there, hot choices to her hubby's classic, almost preppy selections, they have opposite senses of style, but seem to meld together in a way that's just right. Guess that's what people mean by saying that opposites attract.

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LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony

The veejay and the baller. Who would have thought that years after these crazy kids got together that they would be on top of the style game? But, indeed, they have become one of sports' most stylish couples. From the sidelines to the red carpet, LaLa and Carmelo are always experimenting with new looks and fusing different styles together to churn out their own unique take on the latest trends.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

We tried, we really did. We didn't want to fall in line with every other best dressed couples list. But there was simply no way that we could turn our backs on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Classic, elegant and beautiful. Celebrities to come, take note.

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