Celebrity Stepfamilies That Make It Look So Appetizing

15 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Stepfamilies! Don’t They Just Make A Broken Home Look So Peachy!

 Celebrities families have their issues too! Regardless of money and fame, they face some of the same challenges we do, including the struggles of parenthood. Imagine adding an extra rich and famous parent in there somewhere! Seems like a kids dream right? Well, check out which celebrity step families get along just fine, and the one’s that may need a little family counseling!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be going through a bitter separation, but sources say Tom is still there for Suri Cruise,the duo’s biological daughter! But what about all those other children Tom had before Katie? Seems Katie has said, “Forget them!” Suri is now Katie’s first priority, especially with rumors that Tom has already moved on with some younger, hotter fling! Katie believes it’s way too soon for Tom to be moving on with anyone, and is worried about Suri’s relationship with her dad. Guess no one will be climbing up the Katie Holmes tree any time soon!

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett



With Willow and Jaden Smith making a lane of their own, it’s no wonder we sometimes forget about Will Smith’s first born, Trey Smith! Yes guys, Will Smith has another child! Before Mrs. Pinkett, Will Smith was married to Trey’s biological mother, Sheree Zampino, from 1992-1995. Although the marriage did not end so well, Will Smith has always maintained a close relationship with Trey, and as far as step- mommy Jada, it’s reported that the two couldn’t be any closer.

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James SANDRA BULLOCK WENN


Talk about messy! Sandra Bullock and Jesse James seemed to have it all, between what seemed to be a happy relationship, to their adopting a baby boy together, and of course Bullock’s taking in James’ young daughter, Sunny! Life couldn’t get any better right? That is, until Jesse decided to have an affair, causing one of the most public splits the entertainment industry has ever seen. So what about Sandra’s great relationship with Sunny? Sources say Sandra decided it would be best if the two did not contact one another anymore! Cold right? Jesse also claims that Bullock does not let him see the baby the two adopted together!

Rev Run & Justine SimmonsREV RUN STEP WENN


Justine Simmons took on quite the load when deciding to marry pioneering rap star Rev Run as Run came into the marriage with three children and an ex-wife! Talk about baggage. Justine even admits that it took a lot of adjusting to her new lifestyle because before she married the Reverend she never wanted children at all! But after moving in, she realized that maybe she did like the idea of having children, even deciding later on to become pregnant herself. The Simmons children speak very highly of Justine, even finding it hard to call her their step mother .



Nicole Kidman may look all innocent in her own pasty, casper the ghost kind of way, but this chick has kids coming out the wood works! Between Kidman’s two adopted children, Isabella Cruise, 19, and Connor Cruise 17, with ex-husband Tom Cruise and her two small ones, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, with her present hubby Keith Urban she could have a small band huh? Although Kidman and Urban are really private,  speaking less about family matters, and really scarcely photographed by paparazzi, the two seem to be managing just fine.

Megan Fox & Brian Austin GreenMEGAN FOX STEP WENN


Megan Fox loves her step-son, Kassius, and tells the world just about every time they ask. Okay girl, we get it! Fox has always been quite serious about the joy her husband’s son brings into her life, telling interviewers things like, “Kassius is one of the most beautiful things” about her life. Brian Austin Green couldn’t be more thrilled about the connection the two have, and even more excited about the new bundle of joy he and Megan brought into the world just 4 months ago! As cute as baby Noah is, Kassius may be the one losng a bit of a connection with his step-mom, with several interviewers noting that the 10 year old feels a bit, “indifferent” toward his new brother.



Leann Rimes not only steals husbands, but apparently she can’t keep up with the children that came along with her stolen goods! Rimes has been catching a lot of flack lately regarding her conduct with Eddie Cibrian sons, or shall we say, Rimes kids? Apparently Ms. Leann does not like to be called a step-mom, and only refers to the boys as, “her sons.” Didn’t sit so well with Brandi Glanville,star of the popular hit reality television show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and mother to Eddie’s two sons Jake and Mason Cibrian. Brandi also didn’t like her sons finding laxatives in Rimes purse and becoming ill after ingesting them. All of which Rimes denies. Wow, talk about one happy family!

Kimora Lee & Djimon HounsouKIMORA LEE STEP WENN


Well it’s settled, Kimora Lee can’t keep a man but she sure is fertile! Lee and Djimon have officially separated, but it’s believed that he is still very close to Lee’s daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Hounsou also has his own little one with the millionariess, Kenzo Lee, who was also embraced very warmly by Russell Simmons, Kimora’s ex-husband and seemingly still close confidant. Kimora just has a whole step-child triangle going on huh?

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar OdomKHLOE KARDASHIAN STEP WENN


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s marriage may have caught us all by surprise, but the two are still going strong and her relationship with his kids speaks volumes to that! With many rumors circulating about Khloe’s infertility, it seems the two might not need to add any extra bundles to the crew, because Lamar brought plenty of kiddie baggage for Khloe to help carry! Odom’s three children, Destiny, Jayden, and Lamar Odom Jr., are all from relationships prior to he and Khloe’s reality show romance! No word on Khloe’s plans for pushing one out of her own,but either way she already has a lot on her plate.

The Kardashian CrewKardashian Family WENN


The Kardashians just seem to multiple! Sickening right?! Well, these people depict what the phrase, “modern family,” should be with a slew of children, and step children all wrapped up in there! Although, for the purposes of not going down their whole family tree, we decided to spotlight the lovely Kris Jenner and her flunkee for a husband Bruce Jenner. Both Kris and Bruce had children from previous relationships, Kris just decided to market hers better, using her children as her ticket to the big time. Bruce, an olympic gold medalist, doesn’t seem to be as connected to his 4 children born prior to his life as a reality star. 



Yeah, so we know they are divorced! She has a new hot beau, blah blah, Klum still has forever ties to ex-husband of 7 years Seal. Rumor has it Seal is still close to Klum’s other children, especially Klum’s son that he adopted during after dating her while she was pregnant. Seal believed it was only best, after Heidi’s first marriage ended, Seal insisted that he legally take on Heidi’s son after she was abandoned during her pregnancy. How nice!

Aston Kutcher & Demi MooreASHTON KUTCHER WENN


Demi and Ashton are no longer, but it doesn’t seem like Moore’s children even know the difference! After playing step daddy for 7 years, Kutcher decided he had had enough of Moore, and decided to file for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences! While the divorce isn’t final, and the two have made a noticiable break from one another, Kutcher is still seen with Moore’s children. Talk about a family man!

Jane Lynch & Lara Embry

JANE LYNCH -Adriana M. Barraza WENN


When you think of Jane Lynch you think of anything but family right? Think again. Jane is apparently an amazing step mommy to her wife Lara Embry, go figure! Embry who has two little girls from a previous relationship decided to switch teams, and before she knew it she found a Glee star to make her dreams come true. The children seem to be making the adjustment quite well, being photographed with Lynch on many different occasions!

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth



Reese Witherspoon has always been known as one of America’s sweethearts! Well, America, you can eat your heart out at Witherspoon’s not so traditional family! Witherspoon’s new husband Jim Toth is very involved in the lives of the actress’ two children Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese, which she had during her prior marriage with actor Ryan Phillipe. Toth and Witherspoon have been married since March 2011 and it seems things couldn’t be better!

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz ALICIA KEYS SWIZZ BEATZ Adriana M. Barraza WENN


Alicia Key and Swizz Beatz may be introducing their first bundle of joy together to the world, but let’s just say Alicia is not Swizz’s first, second, or third ride on the, “step family” ride. Swizz has three more children with three more women, all of whom Alicia plays step-mommy to! Can we say, child support payments? Regardless, Alicia hasn’t been photographed that often with Swizz’s other kids, but hopefully we will see some more soon!

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