15 Celebs Who Got Better Looking With Age (Ryan Gosling, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & More Grown Hotties!)

We all hope to attain the secret to eternal beauty, and some celebrities appear to actually have done so. These celebs are like a fine wine: they just get better looking with age.

Check our this list of celebrities who have aged to perfection.

 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Then-Now Photo (R): WENN

Left: 20’s

Right: 32

This once goofy actor went from awkward and funny looking in his twenties to grown and s e x y in his 30s. He is one of Hollywood’s “It” men of the moment.



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  1. says:

    More money, better stylists. Except Sean Connery…that’s just good genes.

  2. says:

    The title of this story should be: Celebs Who Got Better Looking With Plastic Surgery

  3. says:

    That’s sooo true!!!! They all had plastic surgery!!!! We all look great with that!!! Just like Santa Claus….Soooo fake.

  4. says:

    Not every celeb has to have plastic surgery to look good. Some people just age better than others. And some people’s face’s naturally change over time. Are you telling me that none of you has ever known someone in high school that looked like a duck, then you ran into them 5-10 years later and they looked like a swan? Come on now! I guess all those people probably got plastic surgery too.

    I swear the people on this site must be having bad days or a bad life in general cause they gripe like a mean mug about menial ish.Just enjoy the website and the slideshows for the entertainment they provide.

  5. says:

    Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & the other Jennifer all had nose jobs. I didn’t even realize the other person was Beyonce.

  6. says:

    JLO has used plastic surgery, hair relaxer, and hair dye to minimize her ethnicity. The majority of these white celebs do not look better, they look more plastic.

  7. says:

    Some people look better with age, plain and simple. We all looked rough when we were growing up. With money and maintenance some mature into something better…Not every celebrity had plastic surgery just because they look better now.

  8. says:

    beyonce really tried her best to look like a wealthy white women….SUCCESS!!

  9. says:

    i actually think Ryan Gosling didn’t look bad at all in his 20s. gorgeous more like it!

    • says:

      He openly admit to his nosejobs, and everyone who watched him on disneychannel in the 90’s know how he used to look – what a change a nosejob and bigger muscles can do! ;)

  10. says:

    Give any of us money, fame, and a stylist, and we will look ten times better than we do now.

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