15 Celebs Who Got Better Looking With Age

15 Celebs Who Got Better Looking With Age (Ryan Gosling, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & More Grown Hotties!)

We all hope to attain the secret to eternal beauty, and some celebrities appear to actually have done so. These celebs are like a fine wine: they just get better looking with age.

Check our this list of celebrities who have aged to perfection.

 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Then-Now Photo (R): WENN

Left: 20’s

Right: 32

This once goofy actor went from awkward and funny looking in his twenties to grown and s e x y in his 30s. He is one of Hollywood’s “It” men of the moment.


Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Dowey Jr Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: 20s

Right: 47

After years of substance abuse, arrests, prison time, rehab, and relapse, Robert Downey Jr. emerged like a phoenix from the ashes risen: super hot! He cleaned up his life and both he and his film career are looking better than ever.

 George Clooney

George Cloone Then-NowPhoto (R) : WENN

Left: George in the ’80s

Right: 51

Young George just doesn’t hold a candle to the appeal of an older, more mature Clooney, gray hair and character lines included. Maybe when he ditched the ’80s haircut?


Beyonce Then-NowPhoto (R) : WENN

Left: Early 20s

Right: 31

Always a beautiful young lady, Beyoncé simply blossomed into an elegant and sophisticated woman with a more mature style.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Then-Now Photo: WENN

Left: 20’s

Right: 31

Another one of Hollywood’s “It” men of the moment, Levitt has evolved from a boyish, hippie Heath Ledger lookalike into dapper gentlemen with a self confidence that just ups his cool factor.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry Then-NowPhotos: (L) Rex Features; (R) WENN

Left: In her mid 20’s

Right:  46

It’s hard to imagine that someone as beautiful as Halle Berry could get even better looking with age, but just look at the proof!


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: As a teenager

Right: 39

Kate Beckinsale certainly grew into her looks, as her chubby face evolved into a more defined and refined beauty.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Then-NowPhoto: Getty Images; WENN

Left:  21

Right: 31

In her younger years Nicole Richie seemed uncomfortable with her appearance. Not to mention, her drug addiction didn’t help things. She has since beaten her addiction, slimmed down, and developed an alluring confidence that has made her all the more attractive.


Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Then-Now

Photo: WENN

Left: 20’s

Right: 39

On a recent episode of WWE RAW, The Rock said that he never got any play from the ladies in high school because they all thought he was an undercover cop (a reference to the hit ’80s show 21 Jumpstreet). Standing at a whopping 6′ 4″ and sporting a mustache, he was simply an intimidating oddity to his fellow students. He certainly grew into his looks, though, transforming from a chubby, baby-faced football player in his college years to a remarkably handsome and built ladies’ man.

Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: 1987 – age 23

Right: 2012 – age 47

Mr. Underwood has developed quite the gorgeous and debonair appearance over the years.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Then-NowPhoto: S. Granitz/WireImage; WENN

Left: 29

Right: 43

J. Lo ditched the thin eyebrows, pale skin, and dark-lined lips—a typical ’90s look—in favor of a much more natural and elegant beauty as she aged.

Malcom Jamal Warner

Malcolm Jamal Warner Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: In the early 90’s

Right: In 2008 – age 38

Malcolm Jamal Warner might have been the crush of many girls back in the ’80s and ’90s as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show but he really gained attention from the ladies in later years, looking much more mature with his signature goatee and dreadlocks on Malcolm and Eddie circa 1996. Recently, Malcolm decided to shirk his dreads and rock a more clean cut, but still handsome, look.

Bradley Cooper

Bradely Cooper Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: 2005- age 30

Right: 2013- age 38

No one could have imagined that the man who played Jennifer Garner’s geeky best friend on the ABC show Alias would become a budding leading man with massive  s e x appeal. Bradley Cooper’s transformation is the stuff dreams are made of.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Then-NowPhoto: WENN

Left: Late teens-early 20’s

Right: 43

There’s a pretty big difference between Jennifer Aniston in her younger days and the woman she is today. She really began to shine as she got older and dropped her baby fat.

 Sean Connery

Sean Connery Then-Now 3

Left: In his 30’s

Right: In his late 70’s

And we just couldn’t have a list like this without one of the best examples of aging like a fine wine: Sir Sean Connery. If women thought he was hot as James Bond, they went gaga over him in his later years when began to appear in films wearing his now classic salt and pepper facial hair. Now 82 years old and no longer acting, the great Sean Connery was simply the epitome of “aged to perfection.”






  • WhateverHomey

    More money, better stylists. Except Sean Connery…that’s just good genes.

  • The title of this story should be: Celebs Who Got Better Looking With Plastic Surgery

    • takimackay

      That’s right Simone!!!!! 🙂

    • Precious

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Jeez are they serious? lol Like they don’t already know this.

    • Vivian Li

      Not true at all. Some people just get better-looking with age. Facial features can certainly change over time, even past the usual age frame of puberty.

  • Taki

    That’s sooo true!!!! They all had plastic surgery!!!! We all look great with that!!! Just like Santa Claus….Soooo fake.

  • Kek

    Not every celeb has to have plastic surgery to look good. Some people just age better than others. And some people’s face’s naturally change over time. Are you telling me that none of you has ever known someone in high school that looked like a duck, then you ran into them 5-10 years later and they looked like a swan? Come on now! I guess all those people probably got plastic surgery too.

    I swear the people on this site must be having bad days or a bad life in general cause they gripe like a mean mug about menial ish.Just enjoy the website and the slideshows for the entertainment they provide.

  • Transitioning

    Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez & the other Jennifer all had nose jobs. I didn’t even realize the other person was Beyonce.

    • sista2sista

      beyonce–looks just like her to me. i don’t see a drastic change

  • Disagree with BETTER

    JLO has used plastic surgery, hair relaxer, and hair dye to minimize her ethnicity. The majority of these white celebs do not look better, they look more plastic.

  • Dane

    Some people look better with age, plain and simple. We all looked rough when we were growing up. With money and maintenance some mature into something better…Not every celebrity had plastic surgery just because they look better now.

  • beyonce really tried her best to look like a wealthy white women….SUCCESS!!

  • i actually think Ryan Gosling didn’t look bad at all in his 20s. gorgeous more like it!

    • Mea

      He openly admit to his nosejobs, and everyone who watched him on disneychannel in the 90’s know how he used to look – what a change a nosejob and bigger muscles can do! 😉

  • Give any of us money, fame, and a stylist, and we will look ten times better than we do now.

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