When Movies Can’t Keep Up With The Actors In Them: 15 Intense Performances In Mostly Forgotten Movies

There’s nothing more painful than watching an actor give his or her all in a movie that never caught on. Despite physical transformations, critical acclaim or Award nominations, a thespian’s hard work and dedication can sometimes go unrecognized by mainstream audiences. Here are 15 actors who threw themselves into their work for forgotten movies.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey PF WENN

Photo: WENN.com

Reign of Fire paired Matthew McConaughey with a then-unknown Christian Bale. The duo played dragon hunters in a post-apocalyptic future overrun by the fire breathing monsters. For his character of Van Zan, Matthew McConaughey did an intense two-month workout regimen to give his seasoned, dragon fighting character bulk. He also grew a beard and shaved his head to make the character’s feature “look more like a bullet.” Despite transforming himself into a gruff, punk rock dragon slayer, Reign of Fire tanked in North American box-offices and was written off by critics as little more than a big budget B-movie.


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  • RetroGal

    Jared Leto’s movie deserved to be ignored…it was giving publicity to John Lennon’s killer (whose name is never uttered by true Beatles fans, as to so would be giving this scumbag what he so desperately sought: fame.) I have no sympathy for that fact that he got gout. Serves him right for taking on the part.

  • Jay

    Whoever writes these articles needs to spell check. These typos are embarrassing and could be fixed with two minutes of proof reading.

  • Dawn

    Christian Bale was hardly an unknown in 2002, he had been working for almost 20 years. It had been 10 years since he made Empire of the Sun and 2 years since he made American Psycho. Plus, the word is “method” not “metod”. I couldn’t even read past the first page.