Kim Kardashian Glams Up For ‘ELLE’ (But Remains Blacklisted By Fashion Designers)



  • iHeartMarijuana

    She looks amazing and she’s not blacklisted, you just want her to be. They wouldn’t lend clothes at the time, that doesn’t mean she’s blacklisted. It probably happens to all types of celebs who you don’t point out as being blacklisted. Haters gonna hate. She looks beautiful.

    • PrettyNotPetty

      No she really is blacklisted. Anna Wintour can’t stand her and many in the fashion designers don’t take her seriously. They hear Kim K and they imediatly think “Low class reality star who got famous from laying on her back” High society DOES NOT like her.

  • lovelyfashionista

    i only like the last one so innocent she looks the 2nd meh to cheap looking the first everything is good except her face the make up its like someone dont know how to put up make up 101 or that shes blinded by the sunlight they i think they cant try to let her make natural shots shes pregnant let her show it let her be herself for once and make a more commercial add and not the same old fashion/ playboy pics i think her fans love to see a other side of her in the pics

  • UTAH Bill

    Nothing to see here. Move along…

  • natalieS102

    Ummm! you may want to go to Nicola’s twitter page and see where he debunked that blacklisted sh*t and said he was misquoted, so please have a seat. The fact that Elle gave her a spread is big, She looks gorgeous.

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